Check out the sunglasses in this curious Danish sci-fi B-movie

gayth.jpg Look at those sunglasses, just look at them. Here's some background on the über-outré 1992 cult cinema specimen from which the video clip above was snipped: A Blog Post Referencing The Title Which I Cannot Bring Myself To Type About The Movie That Must Be Seen To Be Believed.

It really is hard to wrap your head around the fact this movie was made. More: IMDB, Wikipedia, and the director. A few additional video embeds after the jump. Does anyone know more about this film, or the actors who appeared in it? When I type WTF in this case, it's not rhetorical, I'm truly seeking answers.

Video: "Female Creatures."

Video: "Part 2 of 3" (no part 1 in this guy's upload series)

And, "Part 3"

(thanks, Susannah Breslin)


  1. Oh man, i remember hearing about this movie a while back. I heard it’s pretty terrible, and judging by the clips that seems to be the case.

  2. Great. Now we’re all just one first post on slashdot away from becoming official GNAA trolls.

    GNFOS is bad, but it falls somewhere on the “so bad it’s funny” end of the spectrum.

  3. This video was made by the GNAA, go look ’em up on encyclopaedia dramatica.

    In b4 someone tries to link to any .nimp site, you’re too late, they don’t work any more.

  4. I’m pretty sure that computer voice was done on an Amiga.

    I guess it could be the Mac text to speech, but I don’t remember when that was made available.

    But boy do I remember spending hours with my best friend making the computer say things my parents would never let me say.. and thinking it was the coolest thing ever.

    1. Shit, isn’t there a website that does this, allows you to play 2 or more clips in-browser simultaneously? That would be amazing with this awful film.

      1. Xeni, I think Antinous was making a crack (npi) about the reprehensible GNAA, who liked to make innocent-seeming sites that played multiple porn clips simultaneously in windows you couldn’t close, while shouting about how you’re watching gay porn, thus getting innocent people fired when they didn’t even intend to watch porn at work in the first place.

        Is ‘weakly terroristic’ a term that makes sense? That’s how I’d describe the GNAA (who I just read about in conjunction with this thread).

  5. This thing seems like it was made for the internet. Someone back then had some pretty amazing foresight.

  6. Someone back then had some pretty amazing foresight.

    You do NOT want to know how I almost misread that.

  7. Well.. what’s there to say other than “It’s Danish”?

    It’s certainly a WTF movie and from the American perspective, unbelievably WTF and offensive. From the Danish perspective and sensibilities, not quite that bad (although still certainly WTF and silly).

    Remember that the “n-word” has nowhere nearly as nasty connotations in Denmark: (they associate to Danish “neger” which rather corresponds to “negro” – i.e. archaic and now considered offensive, but nowhere near as bad as the n-word) Also, Danes aren’t quite as “OMG Racism!” as yanks – and rather like taking shots at political correctness (an attitude which, IMHO, has gone a bit far there now since the rise of the racist, right-wing-populist party Dansk Folkeparti)

    (That’s Danish you hear in the first clip @ 1:25 BTW)

    The black guys are probably whatever black guys they could muster in Denmark :) Obviously from the voices at least some of them are American, although no doubt a few are probably Africans (since African immigrants outnumber Afro-American ones in Denmark by far) IIRC, one of them was a Copenhagen DJ.

    Oh and Faustus: No, the movie was NOT made by the GNAA – they just took their name after the movie, which is indeed from 1992.

    1. ‘(That’s Danish you hear in the first clip @ 1:25 BTW)’

      no, it’s not.
      it’s german; he said ‘go to hell, you stinking female creatures!’

      in the second vid ‘a planet’ and ‘female creatures’

      sorry but i can’t watch more than two of that in a row…

  8. the really scary part? i actually OWN a pair of those sunglasses. they have a little circuitboard of led lights along the top of the bridge, and a little watch battery compartment on one of the arms.

  9. Ok, that film seems rather bad.

    And so do those glasses. I know this because I had a pair of those glasses, they have a row of LEDs in the top part of the frame (as seen at 0:47) and a battery with a switch in one of the arms.
    Most excellent ;)

    Unfortunately I can’t find them right now, otherwise I might mail a pic of these fine creations to Xeni, just for her viewing pleasure :D

    1. I laughed out loud while watching this clip because I have a pair of those glasses sitting on my bookcase as well. I’ll have to snap a pic of them and send them to Xeni when I find my digital camera…

  10. I tried to sit through all of this a while ago and it is really bad. On paper it sounds like it might be some crazy mash up of Sun Ra and William Burroughs.

  11. I remember downloading this from a cult movie site a while back. From what I remember reading it was made for TV and sponsored/funded by a well know Danish brewing company, possibly Carls… [semi redacted in case it wasn’t them]


  12. I believe the title of the movie is “Gay ******* From Outer Space”. Yes, that is the actual title.

    1. In case you’re not being cute on purpose: that’s one of the Three Forbidden Words on BB. The others are the F word (referring to us hummasekshuls) and the C word (referring to a woman’s lady parts and with various less savory uses).

  13. The director is better know as Master Fatman in Denmark. Best know for being on a lot on various crappy tv-shows. Or at least he used to be.
    Wikipedia mentions he is a muscian as well but so is Paris Hilton.

  14. I had a pair of sunglasses just like those in, well, probably 1992. I probably still have them. The cool part about the pair I had was that they had a little button that turned on red blinking leds that were behind the top of the glasses and glowed through all scfi like.

  15. Also, Danes aren’t quite as “OMG Racism!” as yanks – and rather like taking shots at political correctness (an attitude which, IMHO, has gone a bit far there now since the rise of the racist, right-wing-populist party Dansk Folkeparti)

    Guess what? “Political correctness” is part of the mechanism that keeps openly racist politicians from gaining popularity. Not being as “OMG Racism” is why they now have one, and why they’re a more racist culture (or at any rate a more openly racist one) than the US.

    In other words, the differences you outline in the sentence quoted above are very much to the advantage of the US, IMO.

  16. Saw this about five years ago, but only because of all the work the GNAA did promoting it at slashdot. The movie was floating around usenet then.

    The movie was directed by Morten Lindberg …

    The film itself is pretty unremarkable outside of the shock value of the title and subject matter.

  17. I saw this movie years ago, and have subjected others to it here and there. It is a good bad movie best experienced on weed. You will find that some people cannot not say the title for weeks after viewing.

    My favorite part of the movie is when the korean women are brow beating the man with their high pitched nagging voices and the gay ♥♥♥♥♥♥ from outer space comes to save the day.

    I believe there is a commodore in the beginning of the movie.

  18. Where to start…

    1. I LOVE this movie or at least these clips….. I saw ‘Up in the Air’ this afternoon and this is WAY better. **WHY** am I just hearing about this movie now?

    2. ‘Wherever there is a male race or a lifeform in the universe oppressed by females we will come and free them….’ Isn’t THIS Palm Springs?

    3. People are SO sensitive. I’m gay – BOY I’m gay. What is wrong with ‘f*g?’ Really. I was at the Fringe this summer and the best play I saw was called ‘Nggrfg.’ Sticks and stones, people….. you’re a bunch of pansies if you can’t take the f.. word.

    This this is Star Trek/Fifth Element/Desiderata/Zardoz and I LOVE it. Or maybe it’s the gin talking.

  19. I like how the Russian subtitles translate “Dirty and very untrustworthy” as “COLD and very untrustworthy”.

  20. YAGM ! Yet Another Gynocide Movie, it really sucks! Since a guy came in our Polytechnic School here, shoot and killed just women intentionally, I can’t even understand why people do movies or whatever like this, moreover why some like it? Such retard scenarios. Come on, evolve !

    1. Um, because they’re a bunch of misogynist gynophobic assholes? I thought it was obvious that this movie is appalling and made by bad, bad people.

  21. Yeah well – let me explain.
    I’m danish and the director is a fairly well known actor/musician/comedian/DJ who does most of his work under the name Mr. Fatman. He specialises in an ironic, extremely camp, non-PC style. He has a singing voice not unlike a dieseldriven vacuum cleaner in a dungeon.
    One might compare him to a guy like Sacha Baron Cohen to get an idea of the generel eh… style (or lack thereof?)…×200/forsidebilleder/Master%20Fatman.jpg
    So to conclude: the movie is suppused to be kitchy, weird and funny.

  22. I also saw that movie a couple of years ago at least, albeit on the web. It’s still there. Just Google it. Google Videos has it, and it is also on YouTube. Apparently you can buy it on DVD.

    I was searching for “worst B-movies of all time” or something like that.

    Personally, I loved it.

  23. True Story: Once upon a time there was a group of people who slapped English subtitles onto brand new episodes of a very popular anime as they aired in Japan, and posted them online. A few hundred among the legion of fans of this anime were lacking in manners and maturity. So on weeks that new episodes did not air, this group would get dozens of angry emails demanding that they provide this free service faster. Tiring of this, the smartalecs waited for the next week that no new episode would air, announced to all and sundry that no new episode would be released that week, and then slipped this movie, conveniently mislabeled, into the list of files where the new episode would be. Hilarity ensued.

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