Customized vans as ephemeral art: photos by Joe Stevens


Vans and the Places they Were, by Joe Stevens, via Todd Lappin. Above (photo by Joe Stevens): "Tradesman with Candy Paint Stripes," Hollywood, California, Winter 2009. Let there be a large-format book, please!


  1. It’s really cool that he’s got them sorted out by colors. I was peeved by the side-scrolling until I realized that he’d arranged them so that they’re sort of all on the same “road”.

  2. Owner of Blue Chevy, Culver City, is justifiably proud. It exudes understated confidence, while that is not what customized vans are usually about.

  3. The Maroon and Tan Aerostar made me chuckle. Most of the vans would’ve felt right at home in the glorious 70s, then the Aerostar throws in an unwanted 80s vibe.

  4. These don’t hold a candle to the crazy mods on jeepneys and “tricycles” in the Philippines (and other parts of southeast Asia, really). I know people are quite familiar with these but I’ve longed to document regional trends in design.

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