Osh Kosh, B'Gosh


  1. ah Oshkosh, WI. probably more known these days for their big military vehicle contract and Experimental Air Show.

  2. My dad wears overalls everyday. I thought that privilege was reserved for farmers? Anyways, love the pic.

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed my Live Journal “vintage ads” post! I was amused by the origins of the Osh Kosk products. However, probably a good idea to mention somewhere that the picture from the Powerhouse Museum in Australia, and is of a painted wall in Sydney.

  4. Been to Oshkosh and it’s the kind of old, bricky industrial town that looks good to a Midwesterner. You can drive there & back from Detroit in a day, but I won’t make that 1000 mile trip alone again.

  5. I wear overalls at work sometimes, as a pipefitter, they keep me from getting so dirty, plus you can shed them if you get too hot or for the drive home and keep you car cleaner. Mostly I wear Carhaarts they seem to hold up better. It’s too bad Oshkosh doesn’t make men’s clothing anymore. When I do wear them I feel like it’s going back in time, but there’s lots of construction workers who still wear them. Functional work clothing is always in fashion.

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