Band Reunion at the Wedding

bandth.jpgBest SNL skit since Black Flag was still together. Dave Grohl? More like Dave LOL. Video at Hulu, and alternate link which may or may not work for non-USA viewers. Or maybe this one. Sorry, region-blocking sucks. Alternates welcome in comments. (thanks, Sean Bonner)


  1. In before we can’t see this outside the US!

    I can’t either. But I’m looking for another source as I type..

  2. For those of us not in the US, could we at least have an explanation of what this is? I can’t make out who that is in the photo. What does it have to do with Black Flag or Dave Grohl? Some context, please.

  3. can we please BAN hulu as a point of reference since their geo-restriction makes the world wide web the ‘only US wide web’ … yes .. there are ways around .. and I have seen the whole show by now .. but every time I see a hulu link, my blood pressure goes up!

      1. Because in its shape and form the WWW should be free ice cream for everyone! That is the great thing about the internets, you can immediately share great things like this with everyone on the planet …. and then someone came up with ‘not available in your location’ …

  4. Arminsen. I love him. He has such a great sense of satire. His comedian with the newspapers, his radical bookstore gal, and the way he rips the political lyrics of some of the 80s hardcore bands. Funny. Thank you.

  5. Spoiler alert!

    It’s a skit where a group of four 50 year old guys play a song for the band leader’s daughter’s wedding. They immediately launch into a screaming punk song, and dad runs around the reception trashing everyone’s tables while bellowing anti-establishment lyrics.

  6. A father who was in a Hardcore band in the early/mid eightees and is now respected and in a tux brings his bandmates back to perform at his daughter’s traditional wedding. They perform in typical 80’s hardcore raucous fashion complete with an Al Haig reference in the lyrics.

  7. for those that don’t get the skit. “Cadena-Norton Wedding”- Dez Cadena was BF’s singer, now father of the bride. Why not? Beats wishing it was funny.

  8. I loved this bit boingboing, glad I’m not the only one!

    Not a huge Foo Fighter fan, but man, Dave Grohl will always be my go to man on drums.

    This sounded better than Them Crooked Vultures. Seriously.

  9. Any time that Dave Grohl gets back behind a drum kit is bound to be pretty awesome. Sure, he’s a pretty decent guitarist/frontman, but he’s a much better drummer.

  10. both of the “alternate links” are simply other sources that link right back to hulu…i.e., not usable outside the US.

  11. Does anybody really believe that Xeni and Cory can’t figure out how to download this stuff at The Pirate Bay, etc?

    ‘Fess up, already, BB!

  12. Also, Black Flag’s “TV Party” name-checks “Saturday Night Live” as one of the shows they’re gonna watch. It’s all connected!

  13. In a typically unfunny SNL, the only three funny moments were (atypically) after Update… this, and both the Rahmpology & “What Is Burn Notice?” sketches cracked me up.

  14. There an increasing tendency on BB to post US region only links, and leave it to the commenters to post alternatives. I don’t this tendency was as strong in the past. Could we just have an embargo on region 1 links?

  15. This is actually how Pavement reunited. Except they did the opposite and played only cheesy love ballads instead of their own songs.

  16. I’m not entirely proud of this, but I think I’ve just seen a glimpse into my future.

    “Anarchy sounds good to me ’til someone asks who’ll fix the sewers…”

  17. I once knew a punk who wore only suits.

    He worked at a bank. Exactly the same boring black and white suit and same shoes every day.

  18. Funny – almost as Funny/Sad as if the WHO decided to play “Teenage Wasteland” at the Supperbowl.

  19. Yeah. Like most SNL sketches, this one was over before the pay-off. Well, the premise was really funny.

  20. Can’t watch this outside the US??? It’s because when Ronald Reagan comes to town, he brings the fascists!!! Ya hear that, Alexander Haig? Well, speaking as a 47 year old former hardcore player, it seems most of us (myself included) are doing hardcore splatter-jazz (EG Sonic Youth side projects, etc…). Hey kids, remember what d Boon said, “Punk is whatever we made it to be!”

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