BirdBox turns iPhone into nesting-box cuckoo alarm clock

Emma says:

BirdBox is a physical bird box that turns an iPhone or iPod Touch into a nesting-box cuckoo alarm clock. Touching the clock face reveals the interior of the birdbox, whilst the alarm gently wakens you with the soundand sight of the nesting birds.

The BirdBox app is free and is on the App Store, whilst Birdboxes are for sale.

BirdBox Alarm Clock


  1. “BirdBox turns iPhone into nesting-box cuckoo alarm clock.”

    I have read this several times and watched the video and still cannot understand what on earth this is all about. Does the phone light up / make noises from inside the box at the time you set or do you have to touch it first? Or, does it start making noises and you roll over and touch the screen because you are so desperate to find out what the little cuties are up to? If the noises come from inside the box, what happens if the birds are all asleep – presumably you aren’t going to work that day?

    I would click through on the link but i am worried i will be taken to AppleWorld (TM) from which there is no way of rescuing my operating system once enfolded.

  2. The link takes you to the birdboxes homepage. Maybe. Right now it seems as if being boinged is more than it can handle.

  3. One deftly-flourished “whilst” & I am swooning *and* reaching for my wallet. But a second “whilst” not one sentence later? That’s just showing off.

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