Enter button doormat


This lovely gray Enter key-shaped doormat is made of recycled crumbed rubber.



    1. I think I saw this one along with an Escape key door mat on Neatorama before christmas. Either that, or we said, “there should be an ESC key one” and I’m remembering it wrong.

  1. No Home key mat?

    Also there should be a good trade name for “recycled crumbed rubber” because that sounds ghastly.

  2. I would be concerned with the legal ramifications of having an “enter” doormat. It could be construed to give permission to anyone enter your premise, thereby setting up all sorts of liability issues. It could also be interpreted as voluntarily waving your rights should a law enforcement agent show up without a search warrant.

    Someone needs to make a second doormat to go with it with a legal disclaimer, perhaps such as this:

    “Disclaimer: The use of the word ‘enter’ in the above doormat does not constitute permission for anyone to enter this building without obtaining the owner’s express consent. The above doormat should be appreciated as entertainment value only.”

    Perhaps some lawyers out there could tweak that a little (or add several more paragraphs, lol).

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