How to levitate by standing next to a wet spot on the sidewalk

201002091158 I like this illusion.


  1. Also, to take this photo without ‘shopping, you’d need to do it at the exact time the sun is directly overhead, or else your own shadow is gonna ruin things. Also, you better hope you’re no wider than your feet, or else your shadow will give you away then, too.

  2. And after watching that Mandelbrot thing, I see him alternatively hovering and standing. Bad visual acid trip…

  3. Anon @6

    Don’t look at his feet, look at his face or chest, and ‘just barely notice’ the spot. It does look like a shadow over which he is hovering.


  4. I am not convinced. The light looks strong enough to cast a shadow, but I don’t see any shadowing, not even between his feet. If I zoom in on the pram in the right, I can see some shadowing.

  5. You can however see the shadow under the toe of his right foot. Remember kids photo shop exists.

    The Smith.

  6. this illusion is simple, can be done on ANY DAY.

    doesn’t matter if it is sunny or cloudy, all you need is photoshop to edit the picture to remove your shadow.

    a very well done image though.

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