The 3D Chocolate Hills of Mars


Above: 3D image of Martian rock formations, from Road to Endeavor blog. (via William Gibson, Paul McAuley)


  1. Nice one, Stu, fame at last! First Doug’s amazing DEM animations get a Huffington Post write-up, now you’re on BoingBoing. Congrats! :)

    There’s a thriving scene of so-called “amateurs” making fantastic image products from the raw, almost-live data provided by the Mars rovers, the Cassini orbiter at Saturn, and so on, and I’ve been totally hooked (on gawping at other people’s amazing work) for years now. See, for instance, Doug Ellison’s awesomely amazing animations of Mars DEMs – Digital Elevation Models on YouTube (and see ‘related videos’); James Canvin’s Martian Vistas; Bernard ‘Nirgal’ Braun’s “Alien Landscapes” (I can’t find an index page on his site! :( Links to a sample in this post: )

    Why not download the Free (GPL! :) Midnight Mars Browser, which automatically pulls new images as soon as they hit the ground and builds context views, allows you to generate movies, et cetera et cetera.

    Finally, Emily Lakdawalla of the Planetary Society wrote this introduction / tutorial to working with spacecraft images.

  2. and people wonder why i keep 3d glasses by my desk. Ha! if only they could see me now, sitting at my desk, staring at my computer screen with 3d-freaking-glasses on. Ha!

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