Snow dalek attacks!

Mary Robinette Kowal sez, "Neil Clarke, editor of the Hugo nominated Clarkesworld Magazine, was slain on his front lawn by a snow dalek, while his young son watched. We are deeply saddened by his loss and suggest that people living in the path of the coming Snowpocalypse beware that it is merely a cover for a Dalek invasion."

The Day the Snow Dalek Visited the Clarke House (Thanks, Mary!)


  1. Snowpocalypse? I thought it was Snowmageddon?

    Yes, I insist on debating soon-to-be-obsolete neologisms while the invading hordes roll in to tun us all into icicles with their mighty plungers!

  2. Daleks can go up stairs these days, so no escape there! In any case, I think his cause of death may be down to the pallid emotionless vampire son. The clue is the dribble of blood down the front of vamp son’s coat.

    1. Daleks can go up stairs these days

      Don’t get me started. I mean, it’s a pretty ham fisted engineering cludge, isn’t it?

      “We’ve just rolled the first million Daleks off the line Davros. I say, I couldn’t help notice they won’t be able to climb stairs, or move on any surface other than a linoleum floor.”

      “Crap. Just retrofit the whole lot with small unbelievably powerful rockets on their base then.”

  3. “Don’t you cry,
    We’ll be back again some day.”
    Thumpetty thump thump,
    Thumpety thump thump,
    Look at Daleks go

  4. What the fuck! Its obviously fake and I’m assuming its some kind of inside joke, but all I see is a scenario of a dead person featured on your web site.

    I know you aren’t journalists and shouldn’t be held to the same standards, but I’m growing bored of the stupid unexplained pictures and lazy links to things meant to stir up controversial comments back and forth.

    You guys are getting lazy and this is becoming less and less of a directory of wonderful things and more a hodgepodge of pointless crap.

    1. It’s only an inside joke if you consider Doctor Who to be an inside joke…but I’ve seen enough Doctor Who references on BoingBoing to be assured that this is not the case for BB readers.

      And, well, I don’t really find this to be an unexplained picture. Nor is this controversial, really. Personally, I find this to be a wonderful thing – I may consider building my own Snowpocalypse Dalek tonight!

    2. @Jay Acker:

      I hope that’s sarcasm. Although if it is, you need to practice a bit more.

      As someone else pointed out, it’s only an inside joke if Doctor Who is an inside joke. Considering it’s both the longest running science fiction show (since 1963) and the most ‘successful’ science fiction show ever created, that’s a pretty wonderful think in my book.

      In fact, there’s probably more people on BoingBoing ‘in’ on the joke than there are ‘out’ of it. I saw it and immediately knew what it was. Many people did. Maybe instead of cursing and swearing, you should just google it, download a couple episodes, and then get ‘in’ on the joke with the rest of us. :)

  5. Winter just acquired a purpose for me. Nice job on the exterminating trash can! Now I need to get to work carving my sonic-screwdriver icicle…

  6. Snow-shoveler killed by gunshot on South Side
    Initially, wife, police thought he was felled by natural causes
    Thursday, February 11, 2010 2:49 AM
    By Jeb Phillips
    The Columbus Dispatch

    A 55-year-old man who collapsed and died Tuesday night after shoveling snow appears to be the victim of a homicide, Columbus police said yesterday.

    Billy E. Howard had been clearing a walkway next to his home at 982 Bulen Ave. in the Driving Park neighborhood. About 7:45 p.m., his wife heard a grunt from the back porch.

    Deborah Howard, 52, found her husband slumped over.

    “I thought it was from shoveling snow,” she said at her home today. “I didn’t even get to talk to him.”

    As medics drove her and her husband to University Hospital East, they noticed a puncture wound in his chest and asked her about it, she said. Mrs. Howard said she didn’t know where it had come from.

    Billy Howard was pronounced dead at 8:28 p.m.

    Franklin County Coroner Jan Gorniak said that a preliminary examination yesterday morning found that the puncture was a gunshot wound. Mrs. Howard said she did not know how her husband died until police told her yesterday.

    Investigators are treating the death as a homicide, said detective Jay Fulton of the Columbus police homicide squad.

    Gorniak said she couldn’t speak about the circumstances of this shooting, but internal bleeding and certain kinds of clothing can make it difficult for an untrained person to spot a gunshot wound.

    Mrs. Howard said she didn’t hear gunfire, and neither did others nearby, Fulton said. He said police had no indication that Howard was doing anything other than shoveling snow when he was shot.

  7. As the child watched his father life slowly fade away he made a promise to himself that he would become the greatest warrior this world has ever known and defeat the Daleks. To begin his training he ventured deep into the mountains to train with monks but suddenly he realized that batman had already done this so he jumped of a cliff XD

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