Goofy Movie, by David Lynch

In this 2007 video, Cody Richeson mashes up the (absolutely dreadful) Goofy Movie with cuts and sounds that are reminiscent of David Lynch, making something dark, creepy, and altogether better out of it. <> David Lynch's A Goofy Movie (via Neatorama)


  1. that was pretty cool
    However, I must disagree; I think A Goofy Movie (and it silly sequel) were, in the words of Bill and Ted, most excellent.

  2. I saw this a while back (maybe on iwatchstuff?), and that hot tub scene just seems so sleazy and haunting. I had to watch it a few times. Even the chosen scenes lighting and angles seem like Lynch. Good stuff, good job.

  3. I’m really happy for this mashup and I’mma let it finish, but 8 1/2 Mile was the best movie mashup of all time

  4. A Goofy Movie is an amazing movie. It was one of my favorite films growing up. I think in this instance, you might have been too old to enjoy it fully when it was released.

    Nevertheless, this is the best.

  5. I have warm memories of watching goofy movie as a kid. You had to be there, I guess. But this was indeed very awesome.

  6. Yeah, A Goofy Movie is great fun! Also, speaking as an employee of the Disney Store in 1996, it was one of the few soundtracks (along with the Lion King) that was reasonably listenable.

  7. I’ve never seen the goofy movie but it seems if it was just a cheap piece of junk it would have been difficult to make a Lynch-esque sort of mashup. The artistic design and the direction were quite good.

    The mashup itself was really entertaining and even a little disturbing. Nice work.

    1. +1 Internets to Pantograph for referencing The Parking Lot Is Full. I didn’t even have to click to see the image; it’s burned into my brain.

  8. Yeah, I’m going to jump on the bus to defend A Goofy Movie. I loved it growing up.

    I grew up in a family who loved everything Disney and with a father I only connected on a few levels with. His favorite character was Goofy so a father and son Goofy movie was pretty much awesome.

  9. Seriously. A goofy Movie was a great movie. It wasnt terribly serious but it was well animated, had a nice story, nice songs and was pretty memorable. I still remember the powerline song from the end of the movie. Why the hate?

  10. Add me to the list of people who take umbrage at your remarks about A Goofy Movie. A great film with a great soundtrack!

    I’m gonna go listen to Powerline and do the Perfect Cast.

  11. I loved the “Walt Disney!” at 1:39. That’s gonna be new clean exclamation for those times when I can’t yell “Jesus Christ!”

  12. I’m going to have to jump on board with the rest of people taking offense at your “absolutely dreadful” comment- A Goofy Movie’s a fantastic film! Beautifully animated and designed by the Paris animation studios, surprisingly mature in its humour- I grew up with the film and still love it to this day, and it holds up as being just as entertaining now as it was then.

    I still mount the fact that it’s the only Disney feature that hasn’t been released in its original aspect ratio!

  13. I thought Boing Boing was run by Disney fans? A Goofy Movie was great! Even if I watched it again today as an adult I’m sure it would be decent… at least not “absolutely dreadful”. What was so bad about it?

    I still remember some of the words to the ‘After Today’ song at the beginning of the movie on the last day of school.

  14. I absolutely love “A Goofy Movie”. I find that it’s ALWAYS been extremely underrated, especially the soundtrack. (Whatever did happen to Tevin Campbell?)

    The animation (done in the company’s Paris studios) was also really well-done.

    Story was tight.

    Don’t see what makes this dreadful. Matter of taste, I guess.

  15. When you compare it to other Disney movies, I understand why he called it dreadful. I associate it with when Disney’s entertainment started to go downhill, and become what it is now.
    And compared to the real original goofy, it can certainly be called dreadful

  16. Amazing what editing can do.

    That blue spotlight near the beginning was so damn Lynchian! Disney should take a risk on this.

  17. Yes, because the whole point of boingboing is that we must all have the same opinion about everything. Cory apparently did not like A Goofy Movie, some of you <3 it: it's okay to like things that are different. You can still be friends, I promise.

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