Xeni curating YouTube's homepage for the day


5 Responses to “Xeni curating YouTube's homepage for the day”

  1. arkizzle / Moderator says:

    Whoa, cool!
    Well done Xeni :)

    Blue: oh :(

    hiland: Dunno if it was fixed in the meantime, but the link you mention is fine for me..

  2. Gary61 says:

    Yay! Here’s hoping you make Happy Mutants proud everywhere! Look at it – just LOOK at it!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Props to Xeni, though good lord almighty….the dregs of humanity certainly come out in droves to comment on YouTube videos.

  4. Blue says:

    If you set (or have set) your Youtube loaction to the UK, instead of the US or international, then you’ll miss out on Xeni – and I guess the whole concept of Youtube Curators.

    We in Blighty are, apparently, deemed not worthy.

  5. hiland says:

    Yo! Fix your link!!!
    “Don’t miss our channel at YouTube, BoingBoingVideo, too!”

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