Hollywood sign through telescope: SAVE THE POO(D)


Amy Davis Roth shot this photo of the Hollywood Sign this morning as viewed through a telescope. Her snapshot captures the famous sign during a temporary transformation calling for citizens to "save the peak" (Cahuenga Peak) on which it is located.


  1. The Hollywood sign is actually next to Cahuenga Peak (not “Cahuenga Hill”), not on it. I believe it’s on Mt. Lee, though Cahuenga Peak may be a part of Mt. Lee as well.

  2. I’ve been saving poods for years, although I’m still not sure what I’m supposed to do with ’em. I’ve got Mason jars full of the things stacked to the ceiling in the basement.

    1. I keep my poods in used altoids tins. Kills two birds with one stone.

      Then again, I have no idea what I’m going to do with either 10,000 poods or 1,000 altoids tins.

  3. Since a pood is a russian weight and measure thing, I’m guessing there is a Californian campaign to bring in metric weights and measures and some schmo from Knob Hill or little Russia is worried..

  4. The Hollywood sign is on Mt. Lee, named for Don Lee, LA’s first TV broadcaster, whose transmitting tower was located there.

    Cahuenga peak – named for the (Spanish transliteration of) the native Tongva village, Ka-weng-na, located at the northern end of the pass just west of the peak, about where Universal Studios now sits – is off to the left of Mt. Lee.

    From the most common angles of view, the five or six houses the developers envision wouldn’t be anywhere near the sign, and would be out of frame on most photos.

    See this page on the preservationists’ site for an illustration of the parcel’s relation to the sign.

    Now imagine half a dozen large houses mostly on that ridgeline. And bear in mind, for scale, that the letters on the sign are 45 feet tall.

    The Hollywood sign originally said “HOLLYWOODLAND”, and it was an ad for (you guessed it!)… a housing development.

    I don’t object to the peak being preserved, but it does seem an odd thing to be spending nearly 12 million dollars on.

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