High School teacher creates neat presentation of the things he did in 2009

Dan Meyer, a high school teacher in Santa Cruz, kept of record of his activities in 2009, such as cell phone use, beer consumption, movie watching, sleep, and so on, and made an entertaining movie from the compiled statistics.

Dan Meyer's 2009 Annual Report (Via The Quantified Self)


    1. definitely inspired by feltron – who i adore, but i think mr. meyer actually took the idea and did something different in a good way…nice job.

  1. I liked the video, and really enjoyed the idea behind it. Some of the transitions and visualizations were a little difficult to follow though. Specifically:

    – Sometimes the labels were too small or on screen for too short a time to read.
    – The travel section wasn’t immediately clear what it was showing. I thought it started in Africa. Maybe zooming in instead of out would be more clear?
    – In some places, the numbers ticking up made it hard to read the graph because the final number only appears on screen for a short time. With three numbers on the screen at the same time, all ticking up and none being the actual number, I can’t scan between several numbers to save time.

    I really liked that it showed the individual people he messaged the most, and his top artists for the songs. I also liked the way he matched the graphics with the subject for each statistic.

  2. That was amazing! I love how he mentions in his blog that it was his knowledge of math made it possible to create this presentation.

  3. Glad to see that his #1 most SMS’ed person was a girl, presumably his girlfriend, so that means he’s got one – although, that’s a bit of archaic thinking isn’t it, it would be equally okay if he’s got a boyfriend instead.

    Oh well, the mutterings of a girlfriend-less hetero geek. :p

  4. For anyone who has had to sit through a quarterly or annual meeting, this should be the standard of judgement. Each graph has a graphic identity leading up to it, and each covers a suprisingly dense amount of info. Love it.

  5. The biggest thing I took away from this (cool) video was that he has crap taste in beer. Branch out, dude!

  6. the man has impeccible taste in beer. Light, crisp and well made, with a little weiss thrown in. Maybe an ale would have been a good addition.

  7. That’s inspired me to update my “How much do I save by cycling to work in London?” spreadsheet, although the actual title should be something like “How much can I spend on bicycle stuff”.

    Result: In 2009 I spent £130 more than the equivalent public transport would have cost, since that includes the initial cost of the (very nice) bike, but this year I expect to save over £600.

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