Jabba the Cake


8 Responses to “Jabba the Cake”

  1. andyhavens says:

    Shoulda made him in a round cake tin: Jabba the Bundt.

  2. EH says:

    Looks more like Happycat to me.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I guess we can call it : Jabba the “CUP” cake! LOL

  4. AMCabral says:

    You know, if that cake had a slave Leia attached to it, I bet it’d leave some salacious crumbs.

    Yeah, I said it. Whassup?

  5. takeshi says:

    Incredible! And edible! Any word on how that metallic-looking icing tastes? I’d love to know who created this, so I could order an ‘Alien’ cake.

  6. dole says:

    Nice execution of that font in fondant.

  7. jlp0809 says:

    I love this cake… a princess leia would be a great addition.

  8. groovehouse says:

    The only thing missing here is a glass of blue milk.

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