Abandoned electric trainline turned into long, narrow amusement-park

Spanish group Basurama have converted an abandoned electric trainline in Lima, Peru, into a very long, very narrow, very cool amusement park:

The Ghost Train park features amazing bright colors and games made with recycled materials such as car tires, a canopy line, swings and climbing structures. All free of charge for kids, young people, and adults.

As a group, Basurama has been working with the subject of trash for more than ten years, generating spaces and installations that make us reflect about what we throw away.

They've worked in several cities of Latin America, including Buenos Aires and Cordoba (Argentina), Montevideo (Uruguay), and Mexico city (Mexico), among others.

Ruins of Electric Train Turned into Terribly Cool Amusement Park in Lima (Photos) (Thanks, @timdifford)