James Jean: limited edition print

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The latest fine art edition from Pressure Printing is by painter and comix artist James Jean, who in 2008 also designed a stunning series of fabric prints for Prada (and incredible promotional animation too). The print above, titled "Dive," is Jean's second piece with Pressure Printing. A limited edition of 15, the print is $2,000. From the Pressure Printing blog:
James employed a technique he's got a unique mastery of here, working up a one-color "key" drawing by hand and then going back and adding tone and color in Photoshop. This technique just happens to lend itself perfectly to printmaking. After much color proofing and not a few sets of test plates, we decided upon printing the key drawing in a dark burgundy, with the tonal additions printed in a warm cyan.

The print is large, with an image size of 29" x 16", and a paper size of 36" x 23". It has been printed via an intaglio process, with the two plates cut to slightly different sizes giving the print its unique double-plate-embossed border.

"Dive" by James Jean


  1. Drool. James Jean has quickly become one of my favorite artists. And I’m enjoying seeing his progression. Kindling and PR3 seem very diffferent from PR1 and 2 to me.

    In the back of his Process Recess book he talked about a pen he likes using, the SKB SB-1000. Until recently it seemed you could only find them once in awhile on Ebay, or have someone in the East ship them to you. Not they are available in the U.S. at http://www.skbpens.com

    They are hard to describe. But really nice. My favorite Moleskin and Field Notes pen now. WILL NOT make you as good an artist as James Jean unless you have his talent as well.

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