Awesome, whole-house "mousetrap" contraption

This whole-house "mousetrap" contraption proves that opening the curtains in the least efficient way possible is often also the most awesome way possible. Best part of the video: The cellphone call.


  1. My favorite part was the red ball hitting the hammer and falling into a bucket, while the hammer kicked off the next ball in the chain. Was a pretty neat way to use the momentum to do two things at once.

    The chess board wasn’t super exciting, but was pretty original, so he gets points for that too.

  2. I kept waiting for a mouse to be trapped. Or something. Where’s the mouse? Where’s the trap?

    Nifty device, though. It was good to finally see the cases for those two naked bows.

  3. Out of no where that vid reminds me of the Rube Goldberg contraption that made Pee Wee breakfast in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. Weird.

  4. No no no, the best part was the glasses on the kitchen counter playing the theme from Close Encounters!

    Ah, what am I saying. It was pretty much all the best part.

  5. The checkmate? The cell phone call? Brilliant, hilarious!
    Shouldn’t these mad geniuses be doing something else with their time?……. naw.

  6. Whats really awesome is the way the camera man instantly zips across the room. One minute he’s standing and the ball is on the other side, the other he is right there beside it. It almost seems like this is a bunch of diferent contraptions filmed at diferent times!

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