Howtoons Visual Communication guide

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Former Boing Boing guest blogger and Howtoons co-creator Saul Griffith says:

We just finished a huge project in collaboration with Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams - Seeing the Future: A Visual Communication Guide - which is a 20 drawing/inventing guide that teaches kids/adults how to get those big ideas down on paper.  Please pass it along; we would love this to get to as many kids (and big kids) as possible.  
About the guide | Seeing the Future! the Howtoons Visual Communication guide | PDF version


  1. I like the description of vanishing points as a way to change the angle.

    Usually 1-, 2-, and 3-point perspective are described as different kinds of perspective, which I always thought was confusing, because real life only has one. It took me a while to realize what they’re really talking about: not changing the projection, but choosing the coordinate axes.

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