URL redirection service makes innocent URLs look sinister

Screen Shot 2010-02-19 At 8.36.01 Am

ShadyURL: "Don't just shorten your URL, make it suspicious and frightening."

The shady URL for ShadyURL is http://5z8.info/--INITIATE-CREDIT-CARD-XFER--_r8a4a_dogfights (Via Neatorama)


    1. yeah, shorten isn’t correctly used there.

      HOWEVER as an alternate, they could remove ‘just’ to fix it.

  1. Nah, they make them pretty short. My gallery of steampunk unicorns (original URL way too long) got shortened to a nice

    Much better!

    Moderator note: Click that link at your own risk. You only get one set of eyes and you can’t bleach your brain.

  2. This works so well that Websense has blocked the link at my office:

    This Websense category is filtered: Potentially Damaging Content. Sites in this category may pose a security threat to network resources or private information, and are blocked by your organization.

  3. THIS IS BRILLIANT! Seriously! It’s not often something triggers a good minute of loud, chortling belly laughter, but this did. I’m so gonna use this!

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