Fnord: conspiracy is job one


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  1. jjsaul says:

    Nice! It makes me wonder what trademark would make a good morph of the trumpet symbol in The Crying of Lot 49.

  2. igpajo says:

    I want that on a T-Shirt!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I was arrested multiple times for the tagging of that strangely sexy word..


    Id be interested in conversing with fellow discordians.

  4. chrisbachmann says:

    T-shirt meeshirt. I want to replace the logos on my car with this! although i would sport a t-shirt if one was available…

  5. skeletoncityrepeater says:

    I have never so easily found a


    hail eris!

  6. ciacontra says:

    No big surprise, the original Illuminati: New World Order card game had a “Fnord Motor Company” card. “Everybody subsidizes Detroit.”

    Ewige Blumenkraft!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hey! it’s interesting you mention this about Ford Motor Co. since Toyota’s vehicles and recent recall was as per the conspiracy goes was a work of corporate sabotage by said Co. Fnord!

  8. braininavat says:

    But David, you didn’t tell us WHY you were viewing the Fnord wikipedia page.

    Actually, I don’t believe there is a “Fnord wikipedia page” and I’m not going to click that link to find out what lies on the other side (considering who’s linking to it). There can’t possibly be a Fnord wikipedia page because Firefox is telling me that Fnord isn’t even a word!

  9. angusm says:

    Hey guys, it looks like there’s a problem with your site. Your post refers to “the image above”, but there’s just a big blank space at the top of the article. You might want to fix that.

    There’s also something about this page that’s making me strangely anxious.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The meaning of a comma? Has… has something happened to commas? What’s wrong? This is worrying me.

  11. highlyverbal says:

    “the contents of which are inextricably linked to the original bOING bOING print ‘zine”

    You have the order wrong in this sentence. The original print ‘zine IS inextricably linked to the work of RAW, et al – however, his work is NOT inextricably linked to BB.

    RAW did some standalone stuff if memory serves.

    • David Pescovitz says:

      “The original print ‘zine IS inextricably linked to the work of RAW, et al – however, his work is NOT inextricably linked to BB.”

      That’s what you think. ; )

  12. seanmichaelragan says:

    Sean @ Make: Online here.

    It’s pointless vanity, but I think I have a good claim to being the first person to post a Ford/Fnord mashup subvertisement logo on the web.

    I guess it’s a fairly obvious gag, and it’s of course difficult to make absolute claims of priority on the web, but I invite you to compare the wikipedia image you posted to this one from my personal homepage, which is dated from 2004 on my hard drive:


    Where it appears among my various other “subvertisements:”


    So, you know, somebody tell me I’m special or something.

    • Ugly Canuck says:

      As opposed, I guess, to non-pointless vanity….that would be “pointed vanity”, eh?

      Though I’m afraid that I am more familiar with “painted vanity”.

  13. Ugly Canuck says:

    “Paintless vanity” has literary possibilities though, as does the phrase “pantless vanity” (IMHO).

  14. Ugly Canuck says:

    I suppose pantless vanity could be either pointless, or pointed.

    Pointed pantless vanity vs. pointless pantless vanity…
    Which would win, on world wide web?

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