Tim and Eric Season Cinco

timandericth.jpg The fifth season of Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job debuts on Sunday, February 28, on Adult Swim. Judging from the promos coming out this week, it's going to be even more spectacularly creepy high-weird-art than seasons uno, dos, tres, or cuatro. Bring it on. Here's one promo, and here's another. Tim and Eric are also involved in the new HBO Funny or Die Presents show, and I've been really looking forward to that, too.

Update: Jeez, how could I forget the winners of Tim and Eric's fan-made promo contest? The top 3 winners were Séamus McGuire, Griffin Urbano, and Brian Rechenmacher. All three embedded in that order after the jump. Bonus: Make Magazine staffer Tramaine de Senna entered a video in the contest, too!


  1. I thought for so long that nothing could take my mind from the late, very missed Assy McGee. I was wrong. Tragically wrong.

  2. Saw two episodes from season cinco two weeks ago at the “For Your Haiti” benefit at the Silent Movie Theater here in LA. The audience nearly peed themselves. I was rubbing my jaw by the end of the night because I laughed so much. The Dr. Steve Brule episodes were amazing too but a very different beast than Tim & Eric.

  3. There are very few shows I truly dislike. Full House was insipid pap with a laugh track, but even it had its ironic redemption in the form of Bob Saget’s slow descent from stand-up comic clearly slumming it to a broken shell of an individual.

    This show and others by them, though, I hate with an active passion I cannot fully describe. These two individuals singlehandedly coopted Adult Swim with humorless, lolrandom (but very cheap) crap on the basis of volume alone. They’re the comedy equivalent of outsourcing to the discount Indian call center.

  4. Tim and Eric are hilarious! I will take that opinion to the grave. They are so funny PRECISELY BECAUSE they’re hated by some with an honest passion. That, to me, is great territory. Andy Kaufman-style territory. Also, you could compare Tim and Eric to the Viennese Actionists or the artist Paul McCarthy, except T&E are much, much better.

  5. Their skits can be hit or miss, but when they hit, they hit it out of the park and into the neighboring state.

    See: Most of the Cinco ads.

  6. I’m amazed that it was possible to make Adult Swim worse. It has been barely worth watching since 2003. Tim and Eric is the only interesting thing in that late-night cesspool.

  7. Had to login just to post here. Here’s the deal with Tim and Eric. Either you get it, or you don’t. If you don’t, that’s fine, just don’t go crapping all over it for your own self satisfaction. LONG LIVE SHRIMP AND WHITE WINE.

  8. Tom goes to the mayor had it moments. But I just do not like Tim and Eric.

    It’s sad that FX’s Archer is a much better Adult Swim cartoon than anything Adult Swim has put on in a long time.

    Oh, and IMHO Andy Kaufman was not funny. Not funny at all. I don’t know what people in the 70s were on that they thought he was but I wish I could get some. I still wouldn’t watch him, or Tim and Eric, though.

  9. Humor is radically subjective. There’s very little point in saying you don’t like it, other than to act superior and poo in someone else’s cornflakes. It’s not like you’re going to convince someone that you’re right. “Oh, I guess you have a point, I didn’t actually laugh!”

    I hate Larry the Cable Guy with the burning fire of 10,000 suns, but I’m not going to tell the people who love him that he sucks. They love him, I don’t, that’s okay. Fortunately, I don’t have to watch him.

    1. I mostly agree with what you said. Except if someone is of the opinion that Larry the cable guy is funny, their opinion is wrong.

  10. Now if they’d only put out a second season of Tim and Eric: Nite Live. That might have been some of the funniest ‘television’ I’ve ever seen.

  11. Beelzebuddy… do you think because of your long over-analyzed and opinionated post that you could somehow persuade anyone who likes tim and eric to stop following them? Your entire reasoning is invalid by me saying one simple phrase : I like tim and eric. So how about you quit wasting your time trying to convert, and go watch something with a strong plotline and jokes that only follow the story being portrayed. gtfo my tim and eric

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