World's shortest man?

Khagendra Thapa Magar, 18, is traveling from his home in Nepal to Italy where he hopes to be granted a Guinness World Record as the shortest living adult. He is 56 cm (22 inches) tall. He hasn't grown since he was 11. From the BBC News:
Nepalshortmanananan The current record is held by China's He Pingping, who is 73cm (29in) tall.

The shortest man on record was Gul Mohammed of India, who measured just 57cm - 1cm taller than Mr Magar.

Mr Magar, who is now 18, and his father told reporters in Kathmandu that they planned to appear on an Italian television show this week to talk about his bid for the title.

"Nepal’s shortest man seeks world record"


  1. I say good luck Little guy! I offer this bit of sage advice; stay away from Paris Hilton. She will put you in her purse where you and her equally diminutive dog will spend your lives in servitude of her tragically inspired sex life.

    1. Wrong person. He Pingping of Mongolia died today, not Khagendra Thapa Magar. Just FYI, sad nonetheless.

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