$150 treadmill desk

Here's Instructables co-founders Eric and Kristy testing out their $150 treadmill desk, which allows them to work and walk at the same time. Their incredibly cute baby seems to enjoy it.

This is related to my earlier post about Seth Roberts observation that doing two different boring things at the same time can be fun.

Treadmill desk


  1. Cool idea. I would definitely give that a try. It might even improve my posture!

    Also, that baby is SUPER-CUTE OMG CUDDLESPLZ! Who’s a precious little future-do-it-yourselfer? Who is? You are!

    1. Have you followed through with this? Wondering if you noticed your posture improve any? I’m using the treadmill desk and an inversion table hoping to fix the bad posture I now have from crouching over my keyboard 9-5, and then doing the same while studying and playing around with my computer.

  2. OMG DO WANT.!

    What a great idea, I spend so much time in front of my computer. It would be fantastic to walk for 8 hours a day on top of that :) And if you didn’t want to walk you could just pop a bar stool on top.

  3. You could just duct tape your laptop to the trunk of the car while your spouse runs errands. Then you’d get some fresh air, too.

  4. Somehow I parsed the title as “$150 [thousand] treadmill desk” and was expecting something a little (read: obscenely) grander.. :)

    Antinous FTW

  5. I’ve put about 300 miles on my treadmill desk so far and recommend it. But be sure to get good walking shoes and expect at least a week of acclimation. Also, it works well if you mostly type at work, but it’s nearly impossible to do any fine work with a mouse or pad. Fortunately, I hardly ever use a mouse.

    On a good day, I can get in ten miles while rattling like a maraca on my Unicomp Model M keyboard.

    There’s a whole Ning community for “Office Walkers” with tips, treadmill and shoe reviews and progress and experience reports. (I’m a member)

  6. It’s certainly not the same thing as the treadmill desk, but I DID want to try out the boring + boring equation, having previously found out that television absolutely will not keep me focused while “biking” indoors. I gotta say, I’m having really great results with my Sony Reader– granted, I’m not reading boring stuff, but the main idea is that it’s keeping me on the stupid bike. I got 5 miles in this evening, and I’ll be back for another 5 tomorrow morning. YAY!

  7. Not a bad idea. Working from home has cut a big hole in what exercise I was getting; theoretically I have more time for it but I don’t have the incentive of having to travel between home and office anyway. Exercise in place offends my sense of efficiency, but it’s a more reasonable form of multitasking than most.

  8. When I get stuck on something at work or need to work through a complicated problem, I find pacing around in the lobby works really well to dislodge my smarts-box. It’s always fun to find out something you thought was uninteresting, but unique to you is actually legitimate and more common than you expected. Makes me feel like less of a weirdo :)

  9. Doesn’t anyone here remember the “Execusizer” seen from “Bananas,” when Woody Allen’s product tester gets his ass kicked by an exercise machine at his desk?

  10. I did this also but wanted to combine my exercise with taking care of my Facebook chores. I wound up getting an Xbox 360 control (they make them to play on your pc)with free software xpadder, to use to control my mouse. It works much better then the bouncing mouse but still could use more work.

  11. Used treadmills come up for sale frequently. Millions of them lie fallow across the nation, covered with laundry, waiting to be further repurpoused.

    1. I think it would be much harder positioning the keyboard and mouse, and your rear end would get a little tired I’d imagine. Have you tried the treadmill desk? It is quite natural actually.

  12. Perfect solution to the “desk death” has arrived. FitDesk is like an under the desk exerciser on steroids. FitDesk is a high quality lightweight and foldable exercise bike with a built in desk. What makes it so effective is the arm rest. With your arms resting on the shelf you can type, use a mouse or my favorite play a video game. See the reviews on amazon.com. Outstanding solution to make your internet time healthy.

  13. I am considering switching to a treadmill desk but am worried about losing mouse/keyboard efficiency. One commenter said keyboarding is fine but mousing is not. Have others reached the same conclusion?
    Thank you.

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