The Invincible Kung Fu Legs


Spotted in the dregs of YouTube, this spectacular opening sequence from a classic schlock-fu film. I love the opening credits. Stay with it through the vry srs bizness American-English VO around 1:30. I know this stuff is all over YouTube, and has been for some time, but I thought this one was a particularly fun specimen.

Video: The Invincible Kung Fu Legs, part 1.

The uploader has shared a number of other goodies from this same genre, including 8 other clips from that same film.


  1. If you want sheer kung-fu craziness, you need to be introduced to the controlled psychedelic substance that is Fantasy Mission Force.

    The first time I watched it, in bad English dub, I thought, “Surely it couldn’t be that insane…could it? It must make more sense in Chinese, right?”

    Then I actually imported a DVD of the original-language movie and discovered that, save for leaving out any translation of a musical number at the beginning, the dub was completely accurate.

    Even Jackie Chan, who had about 15 minutes of screen time in it, said of it, “If it sounds ridiculous, that’s only because it was.”

  2. HELL YEAH! C-l-a-s-s-i-c. I have a serious Kung Fu jones now (not to be confused with Black Belt Jones).

    I always wanted to know how they added all the stock sound effects back in the day. It’s not like had samplers or Final Cut Pro or anything. Also, I’d like to find some info on the VO dudes- they always sound like the same ones.

  3. Ooooh! Thank you! I loved that movie when it came out and haven’t seen it since; I’m going to spend some time watching the whole thing & searching for a copy I can purchase.

  4. Also with a great staccato dubbed intro “Shaolin Versus Lama”

    I can heartily recommend the film, I stuck it onto a portable player to while away a long plane flight … and massively annoyed nearby passengers with my shouts of joy. An interesting portrayal of the “lamas” (IE Tibetans) as sinister types.

  5. Oh and the opening credit sequence of having actors perform moves in front of the camera is actually a common in martial arts movies of that period

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