Bollywood music video set in Walt Disney World, 1977

Avi sez, "The 1977 Bollywood hit 'Dreamgirl' featured a song shot in Walt Disney World. Hema Malini plays the surreal scenes with stately aplomb."

Z.O.M.F.G. What a video! Vintage WDW footage (my first visit was in 1977), including lost loves like the Skybuckets, along with beautiful Bollywood crooning. Heaven.

Dream Girl - Duniya Ke Log (Thanks, Avi!)


  1. Actually only some of that is WDW (or disneyland). A lot of it is 1970’s era Magic Mountain in california. (now six flags).

  2. Oh that was good. Obviously the budget only included enough for admission tickets. No way anything like this could get shot today (but if it is, I’m sure we’ll see it here first).

    Plus that woman looked shit scared on those rides. That was by far the best part.

  3. How wonderfully weird our planet is. Bollywood isn’t really my thing, but at 2:45 I couldn’t help but imagine how Star Trek: TNG would look like if it were done in this style.

    Can’t you just imagine Deanna Troi standing up and doing an impromptu sing and dance routine, flanked by Picard and Riker?

  4. Wow! WDW & Sea World in Florida to Magic Mountain in California all in one trip! They must have shot this “hit and run” style – I can’t see permission being given by all three parks to film this…

  5. Definitely hit & run … love the bewildered looks from other park visitors, love the insert of Indian guys from the film crew at 6:54 … love how they borrowed non-Indian kids to play with the movie kids. Line-items: park admission, 30 ice cream cones, 40 hot dogs! Love how people used to be innocent, happy and thin!

  6. Very neat. Are those the legendary “little boats” I heard about on Freakazoid about two minutes in?

  7. The Orca whale “kissing” the woman at 3:17 looks especially ominous, in light of this week’s death at SeaWorld.

  8. @ Chris Merritt – yeah, this must have been a seriously ad-hoc shoot. How else do you explain the complete lack of cinematic quality in the framing of any shot?

    Surely most people know that theme parks look lame from the air.

  9. I love the shot starting at 3:41 of her singing in front of the Polynesian Resort, waving at people on boats. She sweeps her arm at about 3:50 as if to say “look at me here in paradise” to reveal some poor schlub unsuccessfully trying to pull-start his motor!

  10. Actually, that last shot put a lump in my throat… Cinderella’s Castle and Space Mountain, backgrounded by that weirdly beautiful sky-light I’ve only ever seen at dusk during thunderstorm season in Central Florida. Ah, to be nine again… Wordsworth, eat your heart out.

    Random observation: she spent a lot of time on Main Street but never seemed to make it to Adventureland. What could this mean?

    – Jim

  11. This would be the very year of Space Mountain’s premiere.

    Actually odd to see 2 of 3 mountains of the WDW mountain range missing. (Both Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain have yet to be built.)

    It is amazing to see how relatively uncrowded and pristine everything is.

  12. Is it me, or from the 2010 perspective do the parks look really……lame?

    Two good India posts in one day; keep it up BB.

  13. Charley Deppner — You’re close, but you’re getting Disney World and Disneyland confused. The Disneyland Space Mountain opened in 1977, but the Disney World one had been open for two years already. Great Video thanks.

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