Cash graffiti


"Assassination," by Joe D. There's a "Defaced Presidents" Flickr pool, and this website has selected 30 sweet examples of the craft. I am fond of iGeorge. (via Eric Steuer).


  1. Is it just me or is this really a spectacularly bad choice for the one example to show on BB? I really liked a lot of the others but just can’t see anything witty or amusing in Lincoln getting shot. It just doesn’t seem to jibe with the BB ethic.

    1. Agreed, Papaflood, 100%.

      boingboing’s directory of wonderful things should be making us more sensitive, more aware, of the world and its beauty and pain and violence. A surprisingly terrible choice here, BB.

  2. Jeez, Xeni, you really think that’s funny? You’re not going to complain when some noxious wingnut makes some equally hateful attempt at humor with another American political icon, right?

  3. This is just wrong.

    There is no way that Booth’s weapon would produce such an exit wound and I think the location is off as well!

    Does no one care for historical accuracy?

  4. I agree the image chosen is in poor taste. The fact that it happened so long ago has no baring on the fact that it was a horrible moment in American history and we lost one of the few truly great statesmen we’ve had. That someone would make light of it is a bit sad.

    I’m not going to say I’m “shocked and appalled” and demand a retraction, just saying that seeing the picture made me sad.

    His birthday was just a few weeks ago…

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