Birdemic: Shock and Terror

birdemicth.jpg I'll be attending a screening of the much-tweeted horrorschlock instaclassic Birdemic tomorrow night in LA, hosted by Tim & Eric ("Season Cinco" of their show debuts Sunday night, and also promises to be great).

Directed by James Nguyen, Birdemic is sort of The Birds meets The Room. Richard Metzger has a comprehensive post about Birdemic over at the LA Times "Brand X" blog. LA folks: The Saturday night Cinefamily screening of Birdemic is sold out, but they've added a second one for March 5. And LOL and behold: Birdemic's on Twitter.


  1. ITT – Arguments and/or complaints in regard to personal comedic taste which is about as fruitful as arguing and/or complaining about personal preferences in food seasonings.

  2. Looks ironically bad in the wrong way, as in plain old bad, instead of good bad. Sometimes it takes more than a tongue in a cheek to make badness amusing.

  3. I was thinking birds on the mother Fing planet? But they already did parrrots on a plane, this is the weaker sequel.

  4. I would love to see this. I love horrible movies that are so bad that they become entertaining. Like the stuff they show on SyFy on Saturday nights.

    This still doesn’t look like it would be as entertaining as Shark Attack 3, though.

  5. I laughed at the trailer because it was so bad then went to see it on Youtube. Birdemic had a few related videos posted. Some very negative comments were made on one of them. They seemed to be made from people who actually were cast or crew on the film. If you google birdemic warning, you will find a site that covers their complaints. Anyone attending the screening should ask if people involved with the making of the movie were compensated.

  6. I have no problem with schlocky special effects, or over the top writing, if you want to make a “bad” horror movie.

    But, for God’s sake, you can find actors who can actually act at any local community theatre that would not look as though they’re in pain on every line delivery.

  7. My friend just watched it last night at home and he swore the whole time while he was online. I am next to view it and am very excited.

    But what I couldn’t watch was the actual premiere in San Francisco. They treated it like it was Sundance.

  8. “The problem is, you can’t make “The Room” on purpose.”

    This movie was not specifically made to look bad, nor is it a parody of any kind. My roommate interview director James Nguyen and he was completely sincere in his desire to make a legitimate “romantic thriller”. He’s not some snarky kid trying to cash in on the ironic appreciation of schlock. Like Wiseau he seems like man whose sanity is questionable and who is convinced that he has made a great movie.

  9. I fell for the hype and watched it. It was bad but not in a funny way. The horribly acted scenes and useless exposition dragged on and on like an SNL skit. The fist half of the movie is all about the creepy hero stalking and nailing the leading lady before a bird ever shows up. This isn’t even worth the time to download let alone spend money on at a theater. I just can’t picture having any fun at this movie even with good friends and a lot of beer.

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