Jason at Epcot, 1989-2005, hero's journey to sysadminhood


4 Responses to “Jason at Epcot, 1989-2005, hero's journey to sysadminhood”

  1. jfrancis says:

    That was one of the first things I ever worked on.


  2. jbm says:

    Ah, the OLD Living Seas. Sill have the musical loop for the place. While I like Nemo’s theming the first half, it falls appart after the ride in a bunch of nonsense. Sea Base Alpha for life (and the )hydrolators

  3. Hanglyman says:

    Good thing you didn’t pick Horizons, I guess.

    Damn I miss that ride.

  4. mercator says:

    Heh, grizzled. I was expecting to see an old guy.

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