Planning M.O.R.O.N.: Architectural award for planning errors

Chris sez, "The residents of Little Green Street are fighting against developers who trying to use one of London's very few remaining original Georgian streets as a lorry run to a site they're trying to develop just north of Kentish Town. The battle has been going on for years now with the local council, Camden, refusing permissions at every step but losing appeals.

"Now it looks like the developers may be going ahead with their plan, which will include running ten-tonne trucks up a cobbled street (which won't stay authentic Georgian for very long, then). This is a street which is so narrow even taxi drivers refuse to drive up it. Anyway, the residents (led by my good friend Nick Goodall) have launched a new category of architectural award, the MORONS (Many Obvious Reasons Overcome Nothing) to celebrate their own and others' planning stupidities.

"The whole site is well worth a read, with stupidity piled on idiocy heaped on lunacy; for example it turns out the developers don't actually own part of the site where they're planning to build; the Council themselves refused permission for the building trucks to pass through their estate at the rear of the development because it would be 'too dangerous' but the same trucks can pass up a narrower (much narrower) street lined with listed buildings; and so on."

The Planning Moron™ Awards 2009 (Thanks, Chris!)