Sublime Stitching's Sexy Librarians embroidery patterns


Sexy Librarians is just one of several fantastic embroidery patterns made by Sublime ♥ Stitching and for sale in the Boing Boing Bazaar. There's also Meaty Treats, Vital Organs, and Lucha Libre. Check them all out here. And check out the rest of the Makers Market for more maker-made marvelousness.

Sublime ♥ Stitching


  1. While borrowed items do go overdue, and we librarians have all kinds of stamps for things, I believe the “Overdue” stamp is from the world of billing. If you have an overdue book, how am I gonna stamp it?

    A “Reference” or a “Discard” stamp would be more accurate. (So would a beer belly.)


    1. If you have an overdue book, how am I gonna stamp it?

      Wouldn’t they just stamp the little date-card that you leave at the library as a receipt? I mean, they’re gonna have to record an overdue book somewhere, so they may as well stamp it, no?

      1. It’s been a long time since I saw a library that still used cards and date stamps.

        I’ve never seen an Overdue stamp anywhere, though. A date stamp would be more accurate (or Reference or Discard).

  2. Only women are librarians? And the shhh is so outdated I have to wonder whether the creators have been in a library in the past couple of decades. We don’t say that anymore. The library is like any public space and it is unrealistic to believe that it must be some sanctuary of silence. A noisy library means it is a busy, vibrant community hub and that’s the way it should be.

    1. I think that there may be a dearth of sexy male librarians, although this may be a personal bias. Can the man-friendly BB population chime in on this.

  3. On the topic of seduction in the library, I have to recommend the song “X Libris” by Tallis Kimberly. It isn’t as good without the blues melody and her torchy vocals, but since it won a Pegasus Award (as did some of her other songs) the lyrics can be found at

    Yes, it’s safe for work.

    I think I’ve been that reader. Some books are just irresistable.

  4. Boing Boing readers getting turned on by an embroidered image really scares me.

    What’s the matter, Bayonetta not doing it for us any more?

  5. Gonna drop a little flippancy, short essay style… on this sweet mi design keyboard which h key sticketh. (Visiting Sis)
    Naughty Library, as kink, not perhaps full blown fetish comes from the frission of taboo. It’s that good old ultra clean American prim, hair-tied in a bum spinstres that can curl your toes.
    Analytically it falls under the madonna-whore rubric, yes. But for me personally it goes back to my formative years. I was the geek in school who defended my missing social skills with large books on many topics. Books then associated with me safety, familiarity.
    Through a series of completely innocent events my first job, at around 13 was in a library. It turned out that the women I met there were very influential in my life. They prided themselves on creativity and humor and fun and they *were* a tad edgy. Believe me when I say nothing below board happened. But my mental framework for a library fetish was created.
    The fetish space of the library and ‘sexy librarian’ are fantasies. They aren’t real. They couldn’t be real, because they fulfill sexual and emotional needs that reality cannot. They mix powerful female domination with those cues from my early years. It’s the run of the mill fantasy. I just have the skill set to be able to deconstruct it. With the fantasy I can go back to that time when I was emotionally vulnerable and be subsumed by a powerful force with sexual gratification. Simple. But it’s not any more real that me playing Red Faction II. It’s a total construct.
    Hope that cleared it up…so gonna get some of those. And proudly.

  6. I started working at my local branch as soon as I turned 16.

    The best part of that job was making out with the other clerk, Julie, in the back stacks when we were supposed to be refilling our shelving carts.

    I’ve never played Red Faction, but making out with Julie was definitely more fun than playing Zork.

  7. I’ve clicked on the link because I missread it as “sexy libertarians”. Librarians don’t turn me on that much…

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