Tofu wrestling in Brooklyn

Tofu Wrestling. Feel free to be outraged, disgusted, or turned on. (NSFW, via Brooklyn Vegan.)


  1. I may not care for my current state of residence, but it’s hipster bullshit like this that makes me glad that at least I don’t live in Brooklyn anymore.

  2. Hahah, I actually know those people.

    And hipsters flock to shitty culture and actual good culture alike. They’re an inevitable part of the urban ecosystem, that do no real harm, overall. I also think that hating the hipsters is just a disguised self-hate, that the idea of the hipster is just a way to mock others similar to oneself.

    Unless you’re talking about how pretentious and snobbish people can be. Yeah, that’s fucking annoying, enough to make me promise myself to move out of here once grad school comes around. Which I will definitely do.

  3. Best use of tofu I think I’ve ever seen.

    It’s not actually edible, so you might as well wrestle in it…

  4. “Fucking Hipsters Ruin Fucking Everything” appears to be a good rule of thumb these days. i think it’s because, rather than entering into subcultures and ideologies wholeheartedly, they fetishise them; I read an analysis by a gay author that stated that Hipsterism was a fetishisation of gay culture, and would argue that this is true, but only partly; gay, black, Discordian, feminist, punk, folk, fine art, hip-hop, low-brow, vegan, crafts and anti-establishment cultures and many more are all latched only, stripped of all meaning and recycled as shallow fashion statements by self-regarding dilettantes. There was a time, for example, when wearing a Keffiyeh was a statement of solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine; now only the very tail end of Johnny-come-lately hipster-oid fashion types wear them; and then only with Alexander McQueen skulls woven into them. The original meaning and statement has been diluted to nothing by facile wretches – and thus may well be the fate of any attempt to symbolise countercultural ideology or aspiration. I want to suck the marrow out of life; the MTV generation are sucking the meaning out of it.

  5. I can’t remember where, but I got into a discussion recently where everyone admitted that all the hipsters they knew were pretty much the nicest,smartest, least snobby people around.

    I suspect a lot of the hipster-hate comes from some preconcieved idea of what “hipster” means without ever bothering to get to know any.

    1. Hey, if you lived in your mom’s basement, you’d probably hurl epithets at people who “go outside” as well.

  6. I co-founded this event and happen to be born and raised in New York City. If you researched the event at all, you would have known it was a hardcore punk show with bands that have been together for over 10 years, way before everyone was throwing the word “hipster” around. In fact, we were bashing hipsters when that scene first started. Now, we embrace them. There’s no reason to discriminate. It was a killer party for hipsters, punk rockers, metalheads, skinheads, gangsters, or whatever cliques you want to follow. I invite all of you hipsters and hipster-haters to party with us at the next event!

    And for all of you who really want to see what it’s all about, check out this video:

    So you can sit home and complain about it on the computer, or you can come out and party with us!

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