Just look at this awesome slow-moving performance artist whose face has been covered with exploding bananas.

Just look at it.

William Lamson's Bananas Exploding on Face (via JWZ)


    1. Isn’t it though? I was wary for the whole thing, then he lit the one on the nose… Waiting… waiting… and then laughed my fool head off.

  1. I love the ‘Just look at it’ series. I bust a gut from the way the nose banana blew up. Very weird, but I found the entire thing hilarious.

    1. so weird, thats what I was thinking, the video kinda made me sad… one of those “are you a half-full / half empty sort of person”? I need a fruit cocktail chaser now to cheer me up :)

  2. Does it seem a bit foolhardy to have firecrackers constantly exploding so closely to one’s ears? Hopefully he left a couple intact ‘nanners in his sound holes of his.

  3. I haven’t been able to watch the video yet, but from reading the comments, I am really looking forward to seeing it. It’s about time we had another just-look-at-it another banana-related post. We were way overdue.

  4. @neurolux: Don’t you meant the FRUITILITY* of the human condition?

    * Yeah, yeah, I know – Bananas aren’t fruit, they’re mammals.

  5. I bet the issue has been raised before, but what would Freud really make of Cory’s insistance on having people look at his banana pictures? Still waiting for someone to make a “yeah, my banana exploded on someone’s face last night” comment.

  6. Uh… yeah…
    I’m sure they made good use of their arts funding grant.

    And now, a word on the subject from Mel Brooks:

  7. It is so odd that now we do these things in the name of art, when we used to do them just for the sake of being goofy.

  8. there is no reason at all for me to find this as funny as I do. I nearly split my sides when the nose banana went.

  9. @#4: The exploding nose banana made me lose it. Clearly the climax of the performance symbolizing the …. something, something.. art… LOLZ

  10. I have been drafted into some performance art pieces but never one quite like this. I’m sure some of my art school friends are envious.

  11. This is what I remember from the old Boingboing from a few years back. The totally benign and weird. More! More!

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    1. deebee,

      Do you usually accompany requests with insults? You could have simply offered the information and asked for attribution.

  13. @tm_tm #32

    Thank you for the link. It’s easy to laugh at this piece and treat it as a joke, but if you look at artist’s site, it’s clear he has a serious and thoughtful creative practice. I especially like his “Interventions” series:


    This is really great stuff — in it you can see influences from conceptual sculptors such as Erwin Wurm.

    Guess it just goes to show that with this kind of art, context is everything.

  14. deebee, thanks for clarifying that for all of us who thought that Cory Doctorow HIMSELF was Captain Bananaface.

    Really, if you want this argument, take it up with whomever posted this video on Youtube without attribution.

  15. Personally, I loved the way he (?) slowly pulled up the barbeque lighter and snapped it on.

    This reminds me of a bit on SNL, oh, thirty years ago. The performer pulled a mask over his face and then triggered dozens of “snakes in a can” that were attached to him. Does anyone know who that was?

  16. Antinous,
    In a fit of disbelief I may not have been kind or clear.
    I am stating that Cory Doctorow posted the video. He is taking credit for posting the video: By Cory Doctorow at 10:31 PM February 27, 2010
    I am also stating that the video is not credited nor is it attributed to the creator – in this case the artist William Lamson.
    I think it is odd that an author would post someone else’s work without attribution; without identifying who made the work he is telling other people to look at.
    I have never seen a posting without attribution on BoingBoing. I have seen it on other sites and it is bothersome.

    1. You’re right. We should never post anything from YouTube that doesn’t have a clear pedigree. That will guarantee that original creators get maximum exposure for their work.

  17. people, people, all of this bickering over something that is easy to correct. now if you don’t mind, some of us are trying to watch a guy explode bananas on his face.

  18. Some lightweight steel wool and a couple of nine volt batteries would ramp up the ignition for a stunt that is already pretty good…imho.
    oh, hell, the NSA is on line 2 again…

  19. That guy’s ears must’ve been ringing for days. Not sure if I’m really getting the meaning. Nose banana was good though, as others have stated.

  20. i know i’m late to the banana-party, but, well, I spent way too much time on the korean traffic cops… you have to choose your battles, mine was internal… this IS art, and if the theme had been ping-pong balls we would’ve been treated to some exploding ping-pong balls as they were being shot out of an artist in south-east asia – for sure. i’ve seen dares like this towards the end of a hectic night hijacked by tequila – and, yes, the day after we called it art. but none of us ever thought of bringing a bunch of bananas, and THAT is why this IS art. Context, as someone earlier said, is everything.

  21. this is OLD. still cool though. just want to let everyone they are not as cool as me because I’ve already seen this years ago.

  22. According to Lamson’s website the title of this work is “Think Globally, Act Locally.”

    Please explain.

  23. Yeah, it sucks that the youtube.com poster didn’t include the origin of the video… (and no one seemed to add it to the comments either).

    Thanks tm_tm, I’ve been searching for his site for years since I saw it last, and without knowing his name, it’s really hard to track down.

    His other videos are really great.

  24. Like others, I laughed out loud at the nose banana. Did you notice that little dots like a tiny smile face got deposited on the glass directly in front of the exploded nose banana? Gives them an eerie drifting quality.

  25. Sometimes I thought “this bananas thing has gone too far.”

    Other times I thought “hilarious! just look at it!”

    But now I wonder: Did Cory plan, months ago at the start of it all, to show this video? If so – a tip of the banana to you. Brilliant!

  26. i’m more perplexed that the video after it is a woman breastfeeding an 8 year old. i think part of my brain just died a little upon thinking the sentence “the exploding face bananas followed by woman breastfeeding 8 year old”.

  27. Pretty awesome how he had to light each fuse manually.

    v2.0: a series of long fuses tied to go off at once.

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