Я оченÑŒ Ñ€ад, ведÑŒ я, наконец, возвÑ€ащаюсь домой

Nothing I can say here will make this any better. (Thanks Jim and Steve!)


  1. Whiskey tango foxtrot, over.

    The guy isn’t even singing, he’s… sort of… lipsynching. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a real person creating an “uncanny valley” feeling before, but I think we can say it’s been done.

  2. Why do I have the feeling that this isn’t the guy’s real face, but some kind of a wig-mask combo…

  3. The titles translates “I am very glad because I am finally going home.”

    Yeah, I’m glad you’re leaving too, terrifying frozen-face dude!

  4. The motions he makes with his hands and the patterned metal structures he walks around enhance the sounds that come from his mouth.

  5. Google Translate gives the Russian Youtube title of this as: “I am very glad, because I’m finally back home” – sorry if I spoiled the amusement factor for anyone. The style is odd yet amusing…

  6. You gotta figure that’s how you get songs to be deemed acceptable and not offensive to Communist party doctrine.

  7. 1. The Cyrillic title translates to “I’m very glad because I’m finally back home.”

    2. In a strange coincidence, I saw that guy dressed up in a pirate suit in Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday at Disneyland.

  8. I watched All of it – what do I win?

    I know exactly what happened here – The show had 3 minutes left and were out of performers – they got Bob, the guy that sweeps up after the show to come in and sing his beautiful sweeping song. It was a hit! He zoomed to the top of the local charts, became famous locally, even starring in 3 episodes of CHIPs.

    I always wondered what ever happened to Bob – him and Rodney Allen Rippy.

  9. Finally. A song to displace that insipid “Tomorrow” song that wouldn’t leave my head.

  10. I, for one, welcome our poorly lip-synching robotic overlords!

    “Future Voices” Captcha for the win!

  11. Do you guys know of any international copyright on this song I would have to worry about to use this song? This would be absolutely killer as intro and outro music to a podcast I’m putting together.

    Don’t ask my why, but this song makes my day Mark.

    1. Gutierrez, if my Wikipedia-fu holds true, artistic works made in the Soviet Union before its collapse are in the public domain, worldwide. The little “1976” in the lower left corner would indicate that this work fits the timeframe.

      But caution: IANAL.

  12. Ah – it all becomes clear at last!

    This is obviously where Bob Downe got the idea for his act – and his hairdo… it had been worrying me for years

  13. That’s the best Supermarionation I’ve ever seen!

    And to think the pop stars of today could NEVER do that…well, not without Autotune.

    1. Uncle Geo’s link makes me wonder if this is a way for the Soviet Union to make “American” music without using English. Don’t these songs sound American and the phonemes they’re using sound like (American) English?

      Let’s roll out the other Boing Boing links to fake English-language songs!

  14. It’s somehow reassuring that the 70’s were equally beige and brown in the Soviet Union as they were in the United States. This easily could have been featured on Lawrence Welk in the same year.

    1. Who wrote the lyrics? Heck, I think I did!

      Or it might have been Mr Bean.

      Also, if Malcolm McDowell hadn’t been available, this guy would have been an awesome choice to play Alex in Clockwork Orange.

  15. That’s WAY more weird when you don’t notice you have 2 YouTube windows open a couple of seconds apart of that same video, and then the simultaneous but delayed playback of the music starts giving you flashbacks.

    Especially when you’ve never even tried LSD.

  16. It is amazing how far the Soviets got in robotics. Too bad they couldn’t get them to speak.

  17. “Я очень рад, ведь я, наконец, возвращаюсь домой”

    Why you little… my mother was a SAINT!

  18. The incongruous yodel/spin halfway through is just icing on an already deliciously bizarre cake.

  19. Open this video playing in several windows with reasonable time offset.

    The syncopation is fricking amazing.

  20. welcome to the soundtrack of my childhood. it’s a wonder I did not become a serial killer

  21. Now that I’ve watched it I can’t get the tune out of my head. The only problem is, it’s not even a tune I can hum!!!

  22. Rare footage: Al Gore subs for an animatronic entertainment character at the World’s Fair: NYC 1964.

  23. After the crap coming out of the Russian media today about Canadians purportedly drugging the Russian food supply at the Olympics, I’m so pleased to see this video. Let’s roll it continually on the CBC during the next winter games in Russia.

  24. I thought that I would develop some immunity, but it’s actually more upsetting on the second viewing.

  25. Censorship was so bad, the only thing permitted on TV were department store mannequins lip syncing to someone humming schlage music from ten years before. Wow.

  26. This is what the whole hip world would be watching on Saturday night if the Soviets had won the Cold War…..

  27. Nothing you can say will make my head un-explode. What a trippy / frightening / cool video!
    Like IronEdithKidd (#29), I’m glad that we weren’t the only ones totally out of our minds in the ’70s. ;-D

  28. NOTHING beats Pardon Me by Maxine Swaby. It’s the greatest video ever made. I’m not even going to link to it, because you won’t believe it until you see it for yourself. Pardon Me… I didn’t want to go…

  29. It’s like a community theater production of “Oklahoma” where the guy playing Curly blanks and has to fake his way through. Painful to watch, but fascinating.

  30. My new favorite happy song! Does it remind anyone else of the Beat Farmers’ “Hubba Hubba Hubba” unbeatable cheer? Happy Happy! Joy! Joy!

  31. Somebody needs to send this to Craig Ferguson. It’d make a great preshow musical number.

  32. Genuinely brilliant. After the first few bars, I expected it to settle down into something altogether more predictable and plausible. But no. Like a Battenburg cake made of marzipan all the way through.
    Thank you!

  33. I don’t know what scares me more, that this exists or that around 1:50 or so I started getting into it. I even had a little jazz hand action by the end. That is the insipid nature of communism…

  34. Hey. I was having a fairly stinky day, and was looking for something to make me laugh. This did it, so thanks. Pure Python.

  35. Be wary comrade! He will lull you into a trance with his captivating eyes and his repetitive song
    …and then hack you to pieces with a scythe!

    (had to be s scythe didn’t it?)

  36. Can’t be Dave Foley. He would have been 9 when this was made. The resemblance, though.

    DNA sample time.

  37. I watched for 2 full minutes before deciding for sure he was lip-synching. That being decided, HOW DOES HE KEEP THE LYRICS STRAIGHT?! It’s a good job. The “laughing” at the 2 minute mark gave it away. no lung action. It’s all in the lungs, baby. Just ask Britney.

  38. There needs to be a sitcom where this dude is married to NK Robot Traffic Lady. Sort of an I Love Lucy behind the Iron Curtain.

  39. “Let’s give a big hand to Comrade Yuri Tupolev! Thank you Yuri, that was terrific!
    “Next up on The Glorious People’s Variety Hour of Honor…”

  40. this is called an Ostrovskii composition and you sing it in vokaliz, meaning without words. It was performed by the singer Muslim Magomaev in the film “The Blue Spark”

  41. ha
    been seeing this around the intartubes for a week or so now.
    first found it over at Metzger’s.
    already working out how to use it in a burlesque act.

    and, as suggested above, get it open in 2-5 windows with a little lag in between.

  42. I’ve often wondered how singers remember all the words to songs. That was very impressive. I wonder how it would sound in English.

  43. Wow, someone already made both “uncanny valley”
    and Enzyte references; clearly, i was late to the thread.

  44. lip-synching + no lyrics = frozen howdy-doody smile. dig that crazy brass section! this is the russian bobby darin.

  45. Not sure about anyone else’s pets but this song made my pup pass out in seconds. which was shortly followed by whimpering nightmares.

  46. This makes me think that in some bunker, somewhere, there was a Russian George C. Scott-a-like watching Lawrence Welk or Grand Ole Opry, and screaming “We can’t have a yodel-gap, sir!”

  47. red-bull might give you wings, but this guy has put a spring in my step all day. thank you too-tight-wig dude.

    1. wow. Everything I was just going to say was cancelled out by the pure evilness of your post :P

  48. I dropped acid specifically to watch this again.

    And now I know the answer to everything.


    Mallomar time, ‘scuse me.

  49. Look at this Я очень рад, ведь я, наконец, возвращаюсь домой! Just look at it!

  50. “I’m so glad, because I’m finally coming home,” would be the proper translation (in my opinion). Yes, Russians are crazy.

  51. Man I so wanted him to walk into the pole at 2:37.
    Wish it would have just been 3 minutes of that trippy psychedelic fade in from the very beginning

  52. Pretty sure he is singing LOLOLOLOLOL for a fair portion of this.

    The Carrameldansen mashup/mix is a good antidote, although I wish the lip syncing was matched better.

  53. If they’d used this guy at Guantanamo we wouldn’t have wasted years trying to waterboard confessions out of people.

  54. I never realized that J. R. “Bob” Dobbs took time out from his busy Sub Genius schedule to be a singer in the Soviet Union. But come to think of it, that makes perfect sense. (Geese, I’m showing my age.)

  55. Boys and girls,

    We have found the newest Rick-Rolling meme. Go forth and spread its message.

  56. For those of you haters saying he’s lip syncing, allow me to educate you: He’s using a technique that’s common in barbershop quartets and other small harmonizing groups. You’ll notice his pitch is clean- no vibrato (the wavy pulsating sound you hear when a cartoon zooms in on a big-chested opera singer’s uvula). If you’re singing in a small group and you want to have a bell-like sound, you need to sing right on the pitch, not waving up and down a quarter note or so.

    The sound comes from the soft palette- the squishy spot far back on the roof of your mouth. It lets you sing while holding pretty much any face. That’s why his mouth isn’t moving.

    And why do I know this? My high school choir teacher (who looks alarmingly like our comrade here) taught us the technique. If there are any choir geeks out there, you know how gratifying it is to completely harmonize like this. Really quite a rush.

    And this video… well… just so totally amazing.

  57. I just noticed there is a year in the bottom left corner – 1978. Somehow I think this is an important piece of information. Maybe he is the guy that solves mystery in LOST. :)

  58. And just think, the guy who actually recorded the audio was considered not photogenic enough to appear on camera!

  59. How did they get a camera down to the gates of Hell?

    “Покиньте все упование, вас который регистрирует здесь.”

  60. You vulgarians clearly cant grasp the profundity of a Soviet operatic scat mime performance.

  61. Don’t be hatin’. I think that’s my dad, dudes. He was on the Comrade Lawrenceik Velkanic Show, back in 1969, before being shot for singing while in the hearing of the Kremlin.
    For reals. I miss my daddy’s singing me to sleep. At least he PRETENDED to sing to me.

  62. He looks like he was created by the same make-up team that did the original Planet Of The Apes!

    Talk about your “Uncanny Valley”!

  63. Badasstheo…

    He is lip syncing… maybe he used the “technique” you mention in the original recording but of course he’s lip syncing it for the video recording….

  64. From Russian Wikipedia:
    Hill’s manner of execution is unique and easily recognizable, characterized by charm, consistently excellent-sounding bright, resonant, lyrical baritone, powerful charge of optimism and humor. Onstage Hill keeps himself very confidently, primly, accompanying his singing with light dance moves and effective gesticulation.

  65. How much do you like this video?

    Enough to watch it stretched out to almost 10 minutes? My not funny, but surreal, take on this. AAAahhhhheeeeiiiii!!!!:

  66. Lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo, kind of like the Soviet idea of American variety programs of the 60s and 70s, but with a song that wasn’t a song. Awesome.

  67. Эдуард, сам сказал, что весь этот стёб над ним и над “клипом” и все пародии появились просто от любви, от любви к музыке. Добрые люди поют добрые песни.

    EN short: Eduard saw about trololo parodies “Kind people sing kind songs”

  68. Hey I know I’m late to the game, but, my Russian Instructor informs me that what you hear and what you see are not connected. The original video featured actual lyrics, The Trololo song originally features lyrics, about a cowboy riding a horse to his farm, “Я скачу по прерии на своем жеребце, мустанге таком-то, а моя любимая Мэри за тысячу миль отсюда вяжет для меня чулок”. He did this vocalizing thing over the video for use in some TV program, because for some inexplicable Soviet reason, they either could not, or desired not to use the lyrics.


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