Gallery: Valve tease Steam/Half-Life/Left 4 Dead for Macs, in style


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  1. JoeKickass says:

    Awesome, I’m a longtime PC gamer so this story doesn’t really affect me one way or another. But its a great campaign.

    For those not familiar with the first image; the red turret (the PC) is from Team Fortress II and is upgradeable, can be customized, and extremely durable (it takes several pipebombs to destroy one). On the other side is the sleek looking white/silver version (the Mac one would suppose) that looks fantastic; its not upgradeable, entirely homogeneous and can be disabled by poking it with a broom. But it looks awesome!

    I love the analogy. Thanks Valve.

  2. jayBOT says:

    Valves awesome sense of humor shines through again.

  3. Myca says:

    Hey Joe, you forgot, “… and the red turret takes an engineer to operate.”



  4. Myca says:

    Or maybe the Linux response, “… and I want to smash both of them with a crowbar.”

  5. funnelbc says:

    Great news, there’s a good discussion over at Rock Paper Shotgun regarding this

    Really happy to see this happen. Valve do such excellent work and it’d be great not to have to boot my pc to play team fortress 2. (Don’t know how much it will cost me in lost productivity though ;) )

  6. Zac says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    That white one is from Portal….

  8. delt664 says:

    Portal Turret – Shiny, white, easy to knock over, form over function

    TF2 Turret – Useful for fragging, upgradeable, repairable in the field, compatible with other devices, function over form.

    Yeah, I think valve got it right.

  9. grphiw says:

    Not to mention that Apple is apparently represented by a turret that uses a little girl’s voice to draw you in…

  10. Anonymous says:

    I just wonder what percentage of the take Valve will have to fork over to apple?

  11. tad604 says:

    As a recent convert to Mac (at home) I’m kind of excited I might actually play games on the computer again. I like my xbox 360 and my favorite game(s) are l4d. I even shelled out money for the pc version just to play with the level editors. Although having to dual boot into windows to use it, means I forget about it often. I hope they port the sdk/dev tools to the mac version. I also hope I don’t have to re-buy the game (a third time).

  12. 13tales says:


    …I’ve been hurt before.

    Seriously, Mac compatible Steam would be fucking awesome. My money’s on a partial port or compatibility wrapper for the Source engine that’ll allow all the Valve games to run, if not the other games on the service. Even better would be a compatbility wrapper built-in to the Steam client (maybe a Crossover Games style development of WINE or similar?) that would run almost all Steam games, but I can’t see other publishers letting it happen.

  13. Anonymous says:

    But you can’t sap the Portal sentry. (Which is only because Portal sentries aren’t nearly as popular.)

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