Goodnight Forest Moon: nerdgasmic kids' book parody

Noah Dziobecki's Goodnight Forest Moon is an absolutely nerdgasmic downloadable book to print and assemble at home that combines Star Wars and Goodnight Moon in a way that it utterly delightful.

Goodnight Forest Moon

PDF mirror

(via Super Punch)


  1. Looks Awesome! But it sure would be nice to see an online version so we can still enjoy it if we don’t want to print it out and assemble it.

  2. @igpajo — view the PDF.

    Enh. This didn’t have the same sense of looming dread that Goodnight Moon gave me.

  3. I have been reading “Buenas noches, Luna” to my son, ostensibly for us to learn Spanish, but mostly because it is so fun to read.

    Does this version come in Bocce?

    “Koo-loozi Moana”

  4. My two year old loves a book called “Goodnight Goon” (has to read it almost every night) it has “martians taking over the moon” and “three little mummies” – Ostensibly eating an explorer and rubbing their tummies.

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