Interview with cartoonist Ronald Searle


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  1. savvysavingbytes says:

    Have always admired his work, but never knew till now about his background as a POW. Takes a special person to survive that and thrive as he has done.

    Love his champagne work habits. Might give some bubbly a whirl while working too.

  2. Blue says:

    Happy Birthday Mr Searle!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This made my day.

  4. nemofazer says:

    This man is responsible for my all time favourite cartoon. A hideous cat cowering against a wall with the caption “Unusually repulsive cat startled by a gesture of affection”

    So much pathos. And quite a lot to think about. I haven’t seen it for years but it made a great impact on my.

  5. Crubellier says:

    There’s also his classic illustrations of gerundives and gerunds from the Molesworth books… Molesworth is, I am pleased to say, alive and tweeting -

  6. Narmitaj says:

    Nitpick – there’s a BBC4 TV channel and a Channel 4, but they’re not the same; the clip is from Channel 4 News, which is not part of the BBC.

  7. dreamfish says:

    Correction: Channel 4 is a separate network and not part of the BBC (and not to be confused with BBC Four!)

  8. Teller says:

    Thanks, Mark. He’s a stud and a good drawer.

  9. Kimmo says:

    Ronald Searle is a towering giant among cartoonists, as any fule kno.

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