Mötorhead + Larry David = LärryDavHead t-shirt


5 Responses to “Mötorhead + Larry David = LärryDavHead t-shirt”

  1. godisafiction says:

    I ordered their Aye Jay noexist shirt. Through some kind of mailorder mixup I got the larrydavhead shirt. They were very nice about it when I complained. They said I could hold onto the larry- shirt and they’d send me the right one. I opened their package just now and its another larry shirt. maybe 3rd time’s the charm?

  2. manicbassman says:

    you want to get this awesome t-shirt instead…


    the Hamsters… a very hard working band who’re sadly under appreciated…
    it’s a tragedy that we suffer X-factor dreck and other dross when we have so many really awesome live bands…

  3. kyoob says:

    Cän’t bëät thë üse öf röckdöts. :)


  4. DukeThomson says:

    Out of smalls! Damnit!

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