Video: Japanese people singing Weezer

From Joe Sabia — the videographer who made Tupac in Kazakhstan and this morning's Thankful Oscars video — comes this wonderful rendition of Weezer's Can't Stop Partying featuring random people from Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hiroshima. Sabia took a trip to Japan in November, and over the course of six days, showed the below note to folks he met on the street.

"It basically says hey, how are you, I'm doing a project and I'd really like for you to repeat what I say in English," he tells me. "A United Airlines stewardess translated it for me just before I got off the plane."


Sabia hopes to do this in all the countries he visits from now on, although he doesn't yet know where he's going next.


  1. Interesting. It looked like a few of them somewhat understood what they were repeating. It’s a shame he picked that song or anything off that album though.

  2. no comments? (sigh)…
    I think we all get it now.. Japan is k-k-k-krazy with a capital “K”.. Can we move on now to a different country? It’s becoming a bit cliche now… Of course seemingly every blog has to a “wacky japan” story of the day… I predict a Japan backlash coming soon.

    seriously – is anyone doing anything interesting in Albania? Liberia? Russia? Vietnam?

  3. I was more amused by the fact that he attempted the Al Franken US map drawing trick on the previous page, presumably while bored on the long flight.

  4. I love this project, and I love Weezer, but IMO this new album is just embarrassing. The song’s content did make for nice effect in this particular circumstance, though.

  5. I predict the “yeah” dude with the thumbs up is going to become an internet meme sometime in the next few weeks.

  6. I give mad probs on this one! It made my brother and I laugh in spasms and the coolest thing about it, was I didn’t feel bigoted in the least. This song has just taken on a whole new meaning in my life. SCRRRREUW WEEEHAB!!!! Japan here I come.

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