Burger King's 6,880 calorie burger


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  1. bobhughes says:

    This makes me want to explore bulimia!

  2. gr8piper says:


  3. Pasketti says:

    The only way this could be improved is if you dipped it in batter and deep-fried it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You mean the fact that they add ammonia to their ground beef (all the major fast food chains do) isn’t enough? Let these people irradiate, already— the alternatives are seriously unappetizing.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m not a zealot, but do believe someday people will look back in horror.

    I’m a vegan. I eat well and with variety and feel great. It’s really about mindful eating and thinking about what you are putting in your system.

  6. Anonymous says:

    *click* “Thank you for coming to Burger King, may I have your order please?”
    “Yes. I’d like three Triple Whopper meals, just cups of ice please. And add cheese to the Whoppers.”
    *click* “Thank you, your order comes to $22.80. Pull up to the first window.”

    oh yes.
    It’s good to be the King.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I have sustained a meat related injury.

  8. UnnecessaryUmlaut says:

    Just reading the “nutritional” info made my arteries clog. And yet, I want it.

  9. David Carroll says:

    How much is it and do they deliver? With a diet Coke of course.

  10. Myatu says:

    Everything is bad for you nowadays. And then you have these health freaks who jog every morning, eat a salad leaf for lunch, don’t smoke, don’t drink but keel over before they reach the age of 40. So what’s the point? Enjoy life while it’s there to enjoy. The world is miserable enough as it is.

    • Christovir says:

      I hear variations on this fairly often, boiling down to variations of “I’d rather die young and happy than old and miserable.” This is a false dichotomy that assumes anything healthy makes one miserable, and that unhealthy things makes one happy. While this may sometimes be the case, most of the time life gives us the opposite: doing healthy things tends to make one more happy, and unhealthy things tends to make one more miserable.

      I propose it is cognitive dissonance that makes people believe that the unhealthy behaviours they are addicted to must have more merit than they actually do. The thought of being unhealthy and unhappy is too much to bear, so we convince ourselves we actually like what we are doing to ourselves.

      (Everything in moderation, of course.)

      • Myatu says:

        This is a false dichotomy that assumes anything healthy makes one miserable, and that unhealthy things makes one happy

        Ah, but that in itself is a false dichotomy in that there is an assumption there IS a dichotomy. A dichotomy paradox, if you will.

        One can enjoy life by doing both the healthy and unhealthy things, provided that this enjoyment does not violate someone else’s enjoyment of life. And by that last part, it diminishes what society dictates as being healthy or not. Ha, yet another paradox! How witty.

    • dculberson says:

      [citation needed]

    • Anonymous says:

      I run 8 miles a day, but I do smoke(guilty pleasure) I do drink(occasionally) i workout(quite a lot and it’s actually fun, and yes, I’m in perfect health and have quite a body) I don’t eat fast-foods, my mom(or myself) cooks my meals(and their AMAZING), I party, I have sex, I read, i make money, I go out and still, I DON’T eat at fast-foods! so….draw your own conclusions

    • cjp says:

      That’s not a ‘health freak’ you are describing, that’s an anorexic. Healthy people exercise, eat food that makes their bodies work properly and occasionally indulge themselves. Do you know your BMI? That’s a great place to start.

    • Anonymous says:

      life is even more miserable on a diet of the industrial waste that’s served at these fast food joints. Eat some real food and maybe you won’t be so miserable

  11. LogopolisMike says:

    What’s it say about the world that I originally thought this was actually a sandwich you could order somewhere.

    Probably not as much as it says about me when I wondered if it would be any good.

  12. jowlsey says:

    WTF!? No cheese???

    Clearly the work of a man with skinny cheeks.

  13. Anonymous says:

    so I tried to add everything and it only came out to be around 14k calories :D

  14. mgfarrelly says:

    Mark, Mark, Mark…this is ameuter hour!

    Have you not beheld the glory and the power that is The BK Noah’s Ark?

    And Lo, two of every delicious animal shall be cooked over an open flame, served on a bun and devoured.


  15. Anonymous says:

    Shills for burgers have been by here.

    Alright that’s disgusting.

    I’ll eat 6000 + calories when I find a cherimoya for a fudge Sunday and add honey, nuts, berries, donkey milk and eat like a king.

  16. jackie31337 says:

    I came up with the following meal:

    BK Veggie Burger (no mayo, no tomato, add onions, add mustard)
    Side Garden Salad with Fat Free Ranch
    Medium Diet Coke

    Which actually isn’t too bad at 530 calories, 14g fat, 3.5g saturated fat, and 2050mg sodium (OK, that’s a little high, but I have excessively low blood pressure. I can afford it). The only thing I would miss are the fries or onion rings. I eat at Burger King maybe once or twice a year (when I’m on vacation in the USA-no BK in Finland), and I don’t exactly go there for the salads.

  17. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Isn’t there a point where your gut is so coated with grease that no more can get through?

  18. JoshP says:

    When I get out from under this regretable court ordered thing I really am planning on hiking the Appalachian. And all of these entries are going into the back of my mind of what I’m planning on eating when I get to Maine. :)

  19. OhStevie says:

    One Triple Whopper. It’s for a cop.

  20. Antinous / Moderator says:

    “I’d rather die young and happy than old and miserable.”

    Also, people don’t generally just drop dead at the end of an orgy with super-models and designer drugs. They tend to drag around miserable and in pain for a couple of decades first.

  21. Godfree says:

    So… why are there grill marks on the edges of the burgers? Do they stand them up on their edges to grill them?

    • ivan256 says:

      In the picture, the answer is probably “because they ‘shopped them.”

      In reality the answer is “Yes, they grill them on the edges”. BK uses a disgusting automated flame broiling machine that takes frozen patties in the top, sandwiches them between metal conveyors and winds them past a series of gas burners. Fully cooked patties fall out the bottom. During the vertical stages, it is likely that the edges would get some “grill” marks.

      From what I’ve seen, there is no way for them to clean the grill monster to a level that I would consider acceptable on an average evening, and thus I avoid BK like a plague.

      And for all the fuss about this “sandwich”, the thing weighs over 5 pounds. It may be over 6000 calories, but a normal person wouldn’t be able to consume the entire thing without vomiting.

  22. Anonymous says:


  23. Anonymous says:

    While not quite as big as the pictured burger, here is video of a friend of mine eating something close.

  24. Shmuel says:

    Your description isn’t entirely adequate… “It has 5 patties, 5 slices of bacon, and 5 Whopper Junior patties” leaves out about half the build. The results given involve manipulating the tools to include twenty beef patties of various sizes, plus bacon and so on. One can make it even bigger by adding chicken and whatnot as well, if one wants.

    In short, this doesn’t actually indicate that burgers commonly available at BK have three days’ worth of calories; it just shows how flexible their online calculator is.

  25. LostCatSoda says:

    Strategically placed BK’s in Antartica to feed explorers sledding to the pole. Shackleton was only a few miles away. Sadly.

  26. Phanatic says:

    USRDA of sodium is 2400mg, not 500mg. Message ends.

  27. Phlip says:

    Other cultures’ fast food (tacos, gyros, pho’, etc.) are easy to prepare and relatively healthy.

    Hamburgers are the heavy metal of food – easy to make and hard to make well. To cut costs, quality goes out the window, all to leverage our national ideal that one should feel shame if one can’t eat “protein”, meaning beef, at every meal.

  28. _OM_ says:

    …You know, *SCREW* all you vegan hippie treehugging healthfood freaks. I not only want *two* of these, but you can super-size my fries *and* make that vanilla malt a 44oz one too!

    I swear, I may not live as long as I would if I just drank from a Brita and popped vitamins all goddamn day, but at least I won’t be spending my last days lying in a hospital, dying of nothing and bitching about having wasted my entire life avoiding junk food when it still didn’t keep me from dying…

    [shakes head in utter disgust while placing an order with Pizza Hut]

    • Anonymous says:

      But Brita water filters contain BPA, which kills you too!

      You can only drink water condensed after vaporization into a glass container if you want to be safe!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Just in time for Lent.

  30. echolocate chocolate says:

    That’s only about 21 avocados worth of calories.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Light weight at 6880 calories.

    I added in all the the ingredients. Breaded chicken(2), Crispy Chicken(2), Grilled Chicken(2), Spicy Chicken(2), Fish Patty (2), Veggie Patty (2)

    10070 calories
    253g sat. fat
    2255mg cholesterol
    46g sugar
    231g carbs
    702g fat
    27g trans fat
    703g protein
    21510mg sodium

  32. Anonymous says:

    cool app.. I went to the site & added EVERYTHING to my burger.. ended up with the massive stats of:

    * 13740 calories
    * 881g fat
    * 289g saturated fat
    * 28g trans fat
    * 2950mg cholesterol

    * 410g carbs
    * 64g sugar
    * 1025g protein
    * 34080mg sodium

  33. Anonymous says:

    That’s nothing. These guys had In-and-out actually make a 100×100 burger: 100 patties, 100 cheese. What’s more, they *ate* it.

    • adamnvillani says:

      Sometime around 1998 or so, some guys at my old student house in college got In-n-Out to make a 666 x 666 burger.

  34. Zophiel says:

    Bonus points to the first person to print a copy of their monster build, take it to BK, order one and photograph it next to the receipt showing you only paid the base price. Maybe you can split it down afterward and feed a homeless family for a week or something.

  35. macrumpton says:

    I’ll have mine with extra cheese.

  36. eyebum says:

    I see your triple whoppers and your BK Noah’s ark and your Wendy’s “Meat Cube”, and I raise you the In-n-Out 100×100:

  37. Anonymous says:

    Or there’s the 30,000 calorie sandwich with $47 of ingredients:


    • Shellac says:

      Looking at the 30,000 calorie sandwich 18,000 of that is from 154 Tbsp of oil which is 77 ounces. looking at that I have a hard time believing that there is more than half a gallon of oil in that sandwich. Perhaps there is that much oil used in some of the recipes but not all of it would be in the final product.

  38. Chris O says:

    Amusing, Yes…..but, Horrifying?
    News flash: 15 beef patties and 5 strips of bacon, eaten together, are likely to be fattening.

    So basically the thesis here is calories and fat will accumulate at a positive linear rate as more food is added….Okay cool, got it; but respectfully, there’s a problem with this article. Its focus on the BK tool’s ability to assemble absurdly large sandwiches actually makes the plain ‘ol single Whopper, “America’s Favorite Burger,” look almost “healthy” with ONLY 670 calories and ONLY 40g of Fat – of which ONLY 11 are saturated!

    Compared to the burger in the article, one could easily reason that a single Whopper, or maybe even two, could make for a sensible meal. I wonder if our “burger shill” friends over at BK Digital had that effect in mind?

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