Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard

UKEYB004400_01_L.jpg I know only that I want it, not what I want it for. Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard [Brando]


  1. I could just barely make the case that it’s ideal for surfing the net with a Wii, or for a home entertainment PC.

  2. I’ve been using my mac mini as a media center for years. it seems like there are no good wireless keyboard/trackpad alternatives for mac. do these work with mac?

    1. Yes, these work with Mac. You have to use keyboard system preferences to reassign buttons (available in Leopard and Snow Leopard). If you don’t have > 10.5 then just remember the option and command keys are reversed. It works really nicely. Set Mouse system preferences to maximum tracking.

      The backlight is good. My only concern is that when you remove the USB dongle it leaves a whole in the device and I’m afraid dirt and grime will get in there. I may cover with black tape or something.

      The volume buttons control volume on the mac and the media keys (play, next, previous) work to control iTunes, even when iTunes isn’t the front most app. I couldn’t figure out how to use the media keys for EyeTV or anything other than iTunes.

      1. The USB dongle is stored in the plastic cap that goes back into the keyboard to plug the hole when the dongle is removed, you simply remove the dongle from the cap & put the cap back into the keyboard

    2. This works fine with Macs. Media keys control iTunes only, volume keys controls mac system volume. You have to change modifier keys which is an option on 10.5 and >. Clicking on the trackpad works as primary mouse button. I love it so far. It is weird to type, but I’ll get used to it.

  3. The description is priceless:
    •Built-in rechargeable more staying power lithium-ion battery

    Advanced lithium-ion battery shorts time for charging but with longer usage time, endurable for up to 1 mouth.

  4. Rob Beschizza: “I know only that I want it, not what I want it for.”

    To validate your vacuous existence?

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    1. Ahh, asshole troll makes grammatical error immediately after criticizing the grammar of someone else. Sweet, sweet schadenfreude.

    2. Something about this post has an echo of ‘glass houses’ to it. I just can’t quite put my finger on it…

    3. I think that I’ll leave that one as a piñata. To the piñata-maker, however, we must say adios.

  5. Meet the golden section of the mini-size, enjoy the full-size keyboard, the main function, enter the instant messaging message, URL and search text, without leaving your sofa or seating.

  6. Nice, except that the wireless isn’t built-in. You have to plug in a USB dongle, which kinda ruins the size/shape aesthetic. Also, knowing me, I’d probably snap the dongle off by dropping it or handling it wrong. :(

    1. Actually I’ve got one of these. There is no hanging dongle (save when you charge it, which I pretty much have only had to do twice the whole year I’ve owned it) There’s a transmitter, and the entire keyboard unit when you operate it is exactly what the image is.

      Great little thing for the multimedia PC in our lounge. But oil heaters tend to make it go a little la-la if they’re in the transmission line of sight.

  7. Wow, am I having one of those ‘posting replies just after someone else posts the same damn thing’ days or what?!

  8. I bought another, more expensive, less elegant-looking wireless keyboard for my MythBox last year.

    Why: A text keyboard is handy for typing in the occasional Linux command, configuration change, or search term.

  9. A banning from BoingBoing – amusing from a website that is constantly expounding the virtues of free speech on the Internet, and the evils of government and corporate power. Congrats.

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    1. I’m sorry, Megazoid, but this isn’t YouTube. Perhaps you should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque.

    2. Ahh, misunderstanding censorship and projecting your conclusions onto another party .. hallmarks of a weak troll.

    3. No matter how hard you troll, it’ll never make up for your tiny penis. Sorry.

      Back on topic: This is a much slicker looking variant of EFO’s keypad/trackpad combo. Definitely looks more conveniently sized than (and about 1/3 the price of) a Logitech DiNovo Mini. I’d still very much like to see somebody finally put together the ultimate all-in-one universal remote / HTPC keypad/mouse controller. I floated some design ideas on AVS Forum, but so far no enterprising manufacturer has bothered to steal them. Lazy bastards. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1196532

      1. I shamefully want your first comment disemvowelled for the sole reason of adding one to the thread.

  10. I wonder if I could meld this with a logitech squeezebox controller and have an htpc the size of a candy bar?

  11. The funny part is that I can fix my error, but he can’t fix his! We truly evil are.

  12. Lenovo is also marketing a version of this, for use when using their machines as media boxes. Theirs is trackball below rather than touchpad alongside, which strikes me as being a bit easier for two-thumb typing, though that makes it somewhat T-shaped rather than having the “remote control” form factor. It too uses a USB RF dongle.

    I’d bet there are others.

    However, it should be noted that a full-size wireless keyboard and mouse may be around the same price… so think about what your priorities are.

    (I’ve mostly remote-controlled the PC I’m using as a jukebox via VNC or other remote-control software from my other PCs, rather than by dedicating radio and hardware to it. I still need to build (or, sigh, buy) an IR interface so it can control the rest of the system.)

    1. Yeah, I think you’re completely right about the trackball vs. the touchpad, unless that touchpad behaves in a completely ideal manner. Then again, a trackpoint might be the best of all possible choices.

  13. I really don’t understand the appeal of this. A full size wireless keyboard isn’t a massive, intrusive thing. Are people really more comfortable texting than typing?

  14. I could go for one of these for my carpc. Do not generally need the keyboard with the touch screen but still always have a hardware keyboard kicking around for times of need, the smaller and less wires the better.

  15. wow, Megazoid, bitter much? anyhoo…

    I can attest to the virtues of having a tiny wireless keyboard. I’ve found this :
    paired with a QWERTY phone to be *highly* useful. esp. when watching streaming netflix off the laptop, plugged into a gibber monitor. It works with the wifi in the phone so it connects across the LAN and gives both keyboard and mousing/touchpad (via the screen) and trackball functionality.

    the only thing that might bug me about the remote in the article is that the keys are in a square grid. It’s really weird ’cause with the phone I can touch type with my thumbs with the keys in the normal orientation only very tiny! Seems the ability to touch type might have more to do with the spatial map than any particular “muscle memory”.

  16. I was going to buy one of these for my HTPC, but I think the one mentioned above is MUCH preferrable. Plus it looks like it will fit into my remote control holder.

  17. I would be VERY CAREFUL ordering anything from the various BRANDO companies in Hong Kong that keep going into business and moving on after word gets out that they actually sell returned and damaged goods.

    I bought two “toys” I saw here and on gizmodo from toys.brando and they were obviously used returns, one of which had a label from the Hong Kong equivalent of Big Lots/99-Cent Store on it.

    Total rip off!

  18. I tried to buy this from Brando and the $49 site and both seemed suspicious as PayPal and Credit Card company would not process the payments. Also WOT said the $49 site is a scam. Anybody actually done any business with these sites?

    Has anyone at Boing Boing check them out or are you just putting out an article based on a press release.

  19. The feature list reads like poetry…

    “Use from horizontal or vertical at your pleasure!

    Smart located the direction control keys in order to be used as joystick control,
    make your feel the thrill of playing game by wireless device

    Whether you are sitting on the sofa, or a comfortable bed,
    multimedia, wireless control, allows you to enjoy the pleasure of enjoying multimedia.

    Advanced lithium-ion battery shorts time for charging but with longer usage time, endurable for up to 1 month.

    Lines of beautiful, stylish, elegance, simplicity is no simple.

    Keyboard, mouse, presenter trinity, three-dimensional presentation, more vivid!”

  20. The lenovo trackball keyboard works pretty well – though, using it with xbmc makes me realize that for the times when I don’t need the qwerty, a game controller would probably work better.

    I switched after a ~full-sized keyboard died, and I like that the mini-keyboard takes up so much less coffee table space..

  21. Bought one. I received a charming email telling me it would be late (too many orders). I received it and it’s FABULOUS. Perfect for what I needed, something with enough range to sit on my couch and click buttons and enter urls. For those of you who wonder what’s wrong with a full-size keyboard, too big to keep on the end table and overkill for what I need. I adore this.

  22. with the Rii mini how would you know when the unit is fully charged?, or how long does it take to charge? is there an indicator LED or something?

  23. hi,Anon,you could find a indicator lights on the left of Rii,right? While the light turning green,it got full charged.It usually takes 2 or 3 hours to get full charged for my Rii.
    This Rii really ends up scoring an terrific impressive to me.I got tomtop ($59.99) in a article,and last week i stumpled accorss Pandawill listed price for $54.99, so,i got one from PW. Check link here:

  24. When it is charging the battery LED in the upper left turns red. When it is done charging the LED turns off.

  25. Mine just cam in the mail this week! It had a micro dongle with it! After using it for a week or so, I feel it is a must have for any HTPC owner. Something I have been looking for 10 year!

  26. i have tried both the lenovo and the Rii mini. the lenovo lacks the F keys. F1,F2,F3 .. this was a problem for me as i could not accept the terms and conditions when installing windows.

    the F keys and backlight make they rii a better bet for me.

    using modifier keys are not available. e.g. i cant do alt and tab, or ctrl and f4. they do not register multiple key presses other than windows key and three finger salute.

    ideal for listening to mp3s, carputer, or to reduce wrist ache when reading

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