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We've collected screenshots from 15 popular—and not-so-popular—video games. Think you can pick the correct title from a list of four? As many of these franchises were offered on multiple platforms, you don't have to name the version—just the title that matches the visual. There will also be a (parenthetical) hint with each possible answer, naming the developer, publisher or platform. After you take the quiz, come on back and let us know how well you did! And if you have an idea for a future quiz, tell us your suggestion! Enough rat-a-tat... give the quiz a whirl.


  1. 86.7%. The majority of them should be rather easy for any true gamer, though a few were tough. I had no idea what that old atari-looking sea battle game or the skiing game were. Decent quiz, some diversity of questioning might make it more involved.

    1. HE HE…same results 86.7

      I failed on the Sea Battle game and the Ski game !

      The rest was rather easy…I was expecting more obscure pieces though !

  2. 66% here. Did take some guesses.

    (That mattel sea battle game, Sea Battle, was on Intelivision–awesome game, actually).

  3. 53.3 and i only have played two of those games. The wide time frame was interesting. Some of those are kid’s games that came out when i was well into adulthood.

  4. 80% Missed sea battle and the skiing one, the rifle in the hitman screenshot made me think it was metal gear. I’ve played about half of them, and sequels to a few more.

  5. 86.7% Most games were pretty easy if one is or was at least a bit into gaming. But some of them… never seen

  6. 86.7% too, i had the sea battle and skiing game wrong too. Most were easy, some are easily reduced to the right answer by looking at the screenshot :P

  7. 93.3%. I was so offended that Horace Goes Skiing wasn’t even an option on the skiing one that I picked one at random and moved on in disgust.

  8. 80%. I got the Sonic screen correct, of course, but I wish they had actually put a screen up from Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine.

  9. 93.3%

    Some of them were painfully obvious, but the more sports-oriented ones were a challenge.

    1. Neither of those were in the quiz.

      OT: I got two wrong, sea battle and stronghold. Though like others, I guessed on the skiing one.

      If you guys do another one, make it longer!

  10. yes. did better than expected 14 outta 15! especially since several of those games i have never played, were before my time, or after; as I have stopped playing them.

    Made me smile to see screenshot 15!!! now there’s a beauty of a game.

  11. 73.3 percent.

    Missed Sea Battle, the one I thought was Splinter Cell, the one I thought was Alpine Skiing, and the final one.

  12. I find it interesting how nascent the video game industry is, so much so that you could have lived through its entire existence. I wonder if there are these sort of quizzes for other media; like a book quiz which has a paragraph of prose for you to match.

    I got 80% myself. 15 isn’t so hard if you use elimination; the other three options are all first person shooters.

  13. 100% without guessing. It’s really not too hard if you’ve been playing computer and video games for the last 25 years. :)

    1. C’mon Alpine Ski was pretty rough. And I wouldn’t expect most people to get the sea battle one either.
      Of course, I missed Hitman 2 since I don’t play any stealth games…
      And 15 was easy, cause I’d laugh at anyone who can’t recognize all the other games.

  14. 93.3%. I guessed on a couple (Stronghold? never heard of it), but the only one I missed was the skiing one. Guess I spend too much time playing or reading about vids. :P

  15. 86.7. Missed the skiing and racing games, but I don’t play much sports or racing games anyway.

  16. 93.3% Got Galaga wrong:( But no googling! My idea for a quiz is: more videogame quizzes. Could be called me forte, heh.

  17. 100% The skiing game and that last one were the only ones that stumped me. Luckily, the other multiple-choice options for the last one were super obvious, and I pretty much guessed for the ski game.

    *sigh* Memories. :)

  18. that skiing one was just unfair. nobody plays those games :P got the sea battles one wrong too, wasn’t around for that one I spose

  19. The Treasure game, you wrote “Had to end with a real tough one”. And it would’ve been… if the other games on the list weren’t easily recognisable FPSs.

    Other than that it was fairly easy, which I think is a good thing, I hate it when there’s a quiz like this and I don’t know any answers

  20. 80%, but gran turismo threw me off. Why would you call it a playstation 2 game when clearly showing a playstation 1 screenshot? I needed that 86.7%!

  21. 86.7% – Have played Hitman and Gran Turismo which both almost tripped me up but failed on skiing and Stronghold. I knew it wasn’t Age of Empires but … oh well.

  22. 86.7%… Until grad school made me realize that I spent a bit too much time with video games I was a happy gamer for a whole decade. But I had no clue about the retro sea battle thing and even though I love (real outdoor) winter sports I’ve never seen the skiing game. The others are mostly true classics… ahhh good times :)

  23. 73.3% Missed Galaga, Gran Turismo (fooled into thinking it was something earlier by the relative poorness of the graphics. Could’ve sworn GT looked better.), Winter Sports and Marine Wars.

  24. Amazed I made it to 60%, and ashamed, because I thought I knew my stuff better. Most of the ones I got wrong I had narrowed down to two: the right answer, and the one I invariably picked. Good quiz.

  25. Not bad, managed 80%

    Answers could have been presented a little better, showing which ones you got wrong more clearly.

    Oh and why resize the browser for the answers? (FF 3.6 win7 x64)

    MORE pls ;)

  26. 73.3% (11/15, missed 4).

    Knew: 1, 2, 11, 12, 13, 14.

    Guessed correctly: 3, 4 (educated guess), 5 (recognized Rayman), 7, 9 (process of elimination).

    Guessed incorrectly: 6 (knew it wasn’t Doom), 15.

    Left blank: 8, 10.

    #4, Sea Battle: I took an educated guess. If I remember correctly, Activision liked to display their logo on the screen at all times. The game looked like an Intellevision game, and I think they tended to have simple names like Sea Battle.

  27. I scored 60%, which is pretty good, since I was only absolutely sure of about four of them.

  28. 73.3%… although I didn’t know a few of them that I got right, but was able to get them through process of elimination. Especially Radiant Silvergun. But also Metroid Prime; I never had a game cube.

  29. 60%, and I haven’t played a game since my original Atari died years ago. That doesn’t say much for some of you. :-0

  30. 93.3%. That quiz was a joke; the choices were way too obvious. The only one I guessed wrong was Age of Empires II (I’m not an RTS fan).

  31. Hmmm, I don’t even play video games and I got a 60%. I guess all those years of doing multiple choice exams paid off… And some amount of awareness of background geekyness I guess.

  32. Fun!
    I’d consider mine a fail though, as I only got 60%. I’m not good with the older titles.

  33. That was fun! I hardly game, although it is something I’d like to get more into, but I still managed 60%. Definitely guessed on a lot.

  34. I don’t know which is more self-selecting: the people who took the quiz, or the people who posted their scores. I’m thinking that both factors contributed to the scores I’m seeing above.

    Oh well, I’m not going to be shamed into posted the currently-lowest score here: I got 40%. And several of the ones I got correct I guessed at…

  35. 73.3% Not bad considering. Guessed a few correct, missed a few I had guessed, but knew most of them.

  36. Fun quiz!

    I have a suggestion: don’t ever, ever, resize the browser window unless you have a very, very, good reason.

    The suggestion works in tandem with an axiom: there is never a good reason. Never.

  37. 93.3%, mistook the Sims screenshot for Singles, if you can believe that. It really was a mix of obvious (most) and obscure (Winter Sports, Sea Battle maybe) references, with only a few ‘medium difficulty’ games (Stronghold, Raving Rabbids). Radiant Silvergun really doesn’t count as obscure, being as it is one of the greatest shmups of all time. I don’t even play the genre and I’ve heard of it.

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