Happy International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day to everyone, but especially to all the strong, brave women who fought and fight for a world where women and men have equal opportunities, equal representation in all fields of endeavor, and equal rights in society, custom and law. I am privileged to have been raised by my strong, feminist mother and father to be a feminist man. For my Mom, my grandmothers, my wife, and my daughter, happy IWD!

International Women's Day (Thanks, @brigittekhair!)


  1. It’s strange how terminology strays with time.

    I consider myself a ‘humanist’ in that I believe in the value of humanity and our ability to better the human condition, but the term ‘humanist’ as it is commonly used is so convoluted and bears so many conflicting implications that I dislike using it.

    Even more problematic is ‘feminist’, because either by common usage or merely logical extrapolation the word means things I disagree with. At best, using a term derived from the strictly gendered word ‘female’ to refer to a movement which seeks to reduce differences between genders is absurd. At worst, the term evokes the same sort of superiority complex one typically associates with the ‘macho’ mentality.

    I propose a solution. Anyone who believes in fair (not equal! – strict equality is hardly ever fair) treatment of not only humanity, but all living things, shall henceforth be known as a Decetist. (From the Latin decet, “it is decent / suitable / seemly / proper / fitting”.)

    ~D. Walker

  2. What a great photo of you and your mother! And in such a great context! Salute to all the women in all of our lives!

  3. You happy little thing, Cory!

    And most awesome – it’s clear to see your mum had no small part in shaping who you are. Rock on the Doctorows!

  4. For some strange reason, some people equate pro-choice with never having children. Nice to see that photo associated with that story. I’m sure I would like your mom if I ever met her.

  5. Thats a great picture. You look so happy in that picture that I just had to smile too.

  6. Since when was “Women’s day” “feminists’ day”? Feminism is a social ideology and movement, women are people. Let’s not conflate the two.

  7. Congrats on having such a brave mother Cory! Seeing this reminded me of something I heard or read the other day from the opposition here in Florida who is proposing a bill to make all abortions illegal. He said he wanted to reset the laws back to where they were before lawmakers got involved and made abortion legal. But the ass got that backward because abortion wasn’t illegal in first place until lawmakers got involved.

    I hate that we still have spend time, money, and energy to fight this battle because the opposition will not stop trying to change it back! There is no telling what could have been achieved by now if those resources had been directed elsewhere.

    PS I know the point is moot, but too bad nobody laminated that article when it was fresh.

  8. Thank you for bringing attention to this important day that often goes unrecognized. If anyone is looking for a simple action you can take to celebrate International Women’s Day check out http://www.Girl2Woman.org. Every time someone shares the videos on the site with a friend, $1 is donated to Pathfinder International to support reproductive health care for women and girls worldwide.

  9. What a brilliant press cutting.

    @hmprescott – sell-abrating is as old as the hills. To adhere to virtually any cause in history, some sort of financial contribution was needed – and if not then some real in your face activism. The righteous have to eat, after all. I don’t see what is wrong in this extension of something that has gone on for years (and years and years and years and years). Underfunded is the cause that does not shake tins while demonstrating! :-)

    OK, yoda-esque moment over – what a fabulous aricle. Even in ’72 this was probably a very brave – if not scary – step to take for a woman (PO Boxes for contact = fear of retaliation). What a cool, progressive mother you had, Cory. The journalist, Cathy Dumphy, also needs saluting.

    Do you know whatever happened to her? A google search provided this:


    I think it may be her. How about a picture (with article) of the three of you together (all of you being well and available of course)?

    Anyway, hurrah and that f**k for equality! Without it I might have to talk to men all day! :-)

    RJ (Robert-john)

  10. that should have said ‘thank f**K’

    You probably guessed. My mum taught me touch typing, the ol’ feminist! :-)

  11. What different worlds we come from Cory. My mother thinks the women’s suffrage movement was a huge mistake.

  12. My mother was a research scientist who spent my youth keeping us safe from Soviet ICBMs. Also battling Sears-Roebuck who didn’t want to issue a credit card to a divorced woman.

  13. Thanks, Cory – it’s great to be appreciated by a feminist man. And it’s sad, to me, that so few young women these days are proud to call themselves feminists…it feels like watching something that was very hard to build get washed away, like a sandcastle in the tide…

    But nevermind – there are still plenty of old feminists around, and most of the victories won have now become taken-for-granted, which is good (I think).

    Some better links:




  14. The Mirror? Haven’t seen that in a long time. Is it still even published?
    Thanks for the blast from the past, Cory. I kinda miss North York now and again.

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