Picturetweeting bathroom scale


A delightful invention from Morten Skogly:

"How about bathroom scale that takes a picture of you, from the worst and least flattering angle, and uploads it straight to the web through Twitter and twitpic? Yes, I know, it's a horrible idea! Which means it simply HAS to be made. So I did, or at least a working prototype!"
Picturetweeting bathroom scale (Thanks, Laura!)


  1. A lot of people step on their scales not wearing much. That could be bad. I’m pretty sure the internet doesn’t want to see many of us from either angle.

  2. What a great idea: measure your tonnage and capture your double chins all at once.

    Bravo I say!

  3. How funny. Just a few minutes ago I showed my wife something horrible and remarked, “How can you think of something that bad and then resist doing it?” And this scale has disaster written alllll over it.

  4. Hehe, thanks for the post Mark (and Laura)! My first Boing! Proud!

    I got a comment today with a suggestion for putting the weight as a watermark on top of the image, giving you a really lovely memento you can print and put in your photo album. Keep those suggestions coming, let’s work together to make this idea as bad as possible :)

    And relax, the weight isn’t live right now, so don’t expect uncencored nudity any time soon!

  5. @1: Yeah, I was thinking that too. She’s really well-dressed for … well, in general, much less stepping on the scale.

  6. Man, considering I weigh myself nekkid to get my true weight, I just don’t need this at all. Yikes.

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