Solar eclipse

Feel free to stare directly at this great footage of last summer's solar eclipse, taken in Varanasi, India, as part of the BBC's Wonders of the Solar System series.

I've seen photos and video of solar eclipses before, but it's always just a little breathtaking to watch the moon slip in front of the sun. As physicist Brian Cox says in the video, it's quite the reminder of the fact that we're floating in space.


  1. I was living in Georgia, near Atlanta, during the annular eclipse that occurred in 1984. I was 12, and it was a strange, eerie experience. It happened on a weekday, so of course the school made a big deal of it, but what I recall is that as the sky grew darker and darker, we all became quieter and quieter. By the time the eclipse grew its darkest, a room full of excited 12 year olds was completely silent.

  2. Fascinating to watch! I managed to catch the one in the US northwest in 1979. I’d read about as a wee tyke back in the 60’s and anticipated it for years. I was not disappointed. I also anticipated Halley’s Comet for years, and even went to Australia for it in ’86, but that disappointed alas (though Australia was great).

  3. Found myself unexpectedly tearing up at this video sequence. Not in response to the eclipse alone, but to the humanity, the shared excitement, the *people*.

    Thanks so much for posting this.

  4. Brian Cox is a great and engaging presenter for science programs. Saw a good one on the LHC recently. I love his stuff.

  5. I have never seen a solar eclipse but they look so cool. just because i havent seen one dosent mesn i dont know anything about them. i know all the facts how one is caused and all the details i have been studying them for 2 years. i find them higly interesting. did you know that the next full frontal solar eclipse will be on augest 21 2017 and that we will be able to see it from all over the united states. but the thing is that it you look at the longitude of the projectile of its shadow span and its durration, the sun will be fully covered by 4:36 pm montain time. it will be estimated to take 2 min 32 sec to complete. how cool is that!!!!!

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