Stop robot poverty: i3 Detroit hackerspace fundraiser


7 Responses to “Stop robot poverty: i3 Detroit hackerspace fundraiser”

  1. wurp says:

    Pneumatic fluid? I think he might mean hydraulic. Or pneumatic gas. Or something.

    Anal nerd powers go!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey, that’s a 2010 overdrive robot! I have one of those! (heh) Go FIRST!!

  3. greywind says:

    The title should be “Stop Robot Poverty” not Piracy!

    A little Freudian slip with all the DRM issues?

    • Talia says:

      Ah but you see, the robots have resorted to piracy BECAUSE they were impovrished. Seizing ships on the high seas has become the only way they can support their robot families.
      We need to address the root issue to solve the problem.

  4. hadlock says:

    Dallas Makerspace is in final planning stages of moving into a larger space as well, but their PR arm is not as strong in the force:

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