Amy Rigby, "Balls" (Greatest Song of All Time of the Day)

When she's not dropping everything to catch up on Twin Peaks, transatlantic troubadour Amy Rigby sings, writes, and performs some of the funniest and some of the most heartbreaking songs you've ever heard. Sometimes she does both in the same number. "Balls" is an all-out rock'n'roll barnburner that captures the frustration and excitement of desire with anger and several great punch lines. It's nasty, it's welcoming. It's as confusing and wonderful and awful as your life. Did I mention the slide guitar? Did I mention how Amy tosses off the aside "this one's gonna hurt"? Did I mention it's on two great albums: The Sugar Tree (along with "Rode Hard," another greatest song of all time of the week candidate and perhaps the most convincing argument for bad behavior on disc this side of "Dead Flowers") and 18 Again (a terrific greatest hits record, but all her records are greatest hits records)? WARNING: The YouTube clip below, however worthy, is not the version I've just raved about. It's a live solo acoustic version, the only take available on the Interwebs. Rigby's song is great in any context, but you've got to see and hear her as a bandleader to get the full sense of how brilliant she is. Anyone out there got any full-band footage to share? The rest of you: invest 99 cents and buy the song at your favorite online outlet. It'll be the smartest and longest-lasting buck you spend today (do you really need another cup of coffee)?


  1. I came in here to say that this is a great song, and I’ve loved it since I first heard it. I have the “18 Again” version with the slide guitar and the rocking out. Love, love, love this song. Definitely fork over the 99 cents for the “official” version.

  2. This is the first time I heard of or seen Amy Rigby. Nice stuff. Reminds me Loudon Wainwright III. Eager to hear more.

  3. this woman is LONG overdue for some wider recognition. kick ass honest lyrics about a strong smart woman trying to make it in the modern world. i’ve heard her described as the female “john hyatt”. thats fair praise but she stands on her own in so may ways. i keep trying to catch her in concert but so far no luck. amy – get yer buns over to detroit or ann arbor. and keep writing and singing.

  4. Here’s a weird coincidence – this is the second artist recommendation I’ve plugged into eMusic today. The first was Alice Russell – both female artists with the initials A.R.

    What are the chances?

  5. Wow — I was childhood friends with her daughter, Hazel. Never expected her to show up on Boing Boing.

  6. There’s a cover of another Amy Rigby song called ‘Are Ever Gonna’ that is just fabulous. Anyone whose kids are getting older but you haven’t been able to “schedule” with your spouse will love this song.

  7. I highly recommend her “20 Questions” from “Diary of a Mod Housewife”, which is probably the first song of hers I’d heard. It’s hysterical.

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