Moviegoer stabbed for complaining about a woman on her cell phone

A man was stabbed with a meat thermometer in a movie theater in LA after complaining to a woman about talking on her cell phone during a Saturday night screening of Shutter Island.


  1. One question I haven’t seen asked yet- who the hell brings a meat thermometer to a movie theater?!? Were they testing the popcorn?

  2. Meat thermometers don’t stab people. People on cell phones at movie theaters stab people.

  3. This is completely backwards. The one talking on the cell phone is the one who’s supposed to get stabbed.

  4. As one who has worked at a concession stand I’d wager that the meat thermometer came from there. They use them on the hot dogs.

    1. Makes phone calls during movies. Stabs people. And steals meat thermometers from concession stands? That’s just over the top.

  5. That’s a juicy story. I read that the victim is an aspiring actor, albeit unsuccessful because he’s quite a ham, but there’s something that’s just not kosher about that part of the story. But you’ve got the know that the offender, resorting to using a weapon like that instead of going mano a mano, was just being chicken.

  6. It’d love to see the same article again in one year, only with a woman as vitcim or as a rape case with a similar “humorous” angle . Not because I want anybody else to suffer, of course, but just to see, if similar jokes come around and how they get treated by moderation.

  7. i agree, peterbruells. the comments would take a 180° turn (very well done).

    unfortunately, they’re geeks, and their experiences of compassion and understanding are limited to a) basement, b) mom, and c) innernetz prawngraphy.

    1. Sorry, no. Our ‘experiences of compassion’ as you put it aren’t anything you can know about. It’s a crazy crime, but honestly black humor is what helps a lot of people get through a much more horrible world. Yeah, a guy got hurt, and I’m sorry he had to go through that, but let’s face it – With all the thousands of people that died (some in much more horrible, neglected, and never reported on ways) that day this one crime report is going to be a little funny.

    1. That would be the point…

      *puts on sunglasses dramatically*

      on the end of the meat thermometer.


  8. Seriously, it’s dangerous to confront such rude people in a movie. My brother tried to tell a woman to shut it when she was yakking on her phone in a movie theatre. She turned around and stabbed him in the eye with her umbrella. She fled, and my brother lost his eye, and with it, much of his livelihood.

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