OK Go leaves EMI, launches their own record label


7 Responses to “OK Go leaves EMI, launches their own record label”

  1. brianary says:

    Called what‽

  2. TJ S says:

    It’s Italian for parachute. Why, I have no idea. Their website says that it’s “humanity’s second most fun word to say” (behind “pamplemousse”).

    Fair enough.

  3. JackThompson says:

    Pa-ra-ca-Du-te…I think.

    Awesome musicians and their videos are entertaining as hell, but they probably should’ve let a marketing professional talk them out of that name.

    …or maybe they’re out to have fun with it and are assuming everybody’ll get the hang of it eventually. More power to them if they’re right.

  4. devophill says:

    Yay! I’ll think I’ll actually buy a physical cd from them, as a thank you for all the videos.

  5. Brainspore says:

    EMI’s bitter response: “OK, go!

  6. johnnyaction says:

    I wish them all the best. I saw them with Puddle of Mud at the Showbox in Seattle and they were great.

    You too can be your own record label with http://www.Tunecore.com which, for a small annual fee, gives you the full cut of album/single sales online. They act as a transfer service to loads of music stores and channel all the sales results/monies back to you the artist. For iTunes it’s about 70 cents of a 99 cent song is what I get when I sell a song.

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