The Clash, Blondie, and Cobain sneakers from Converse


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  1. Pantograph says:

    Does anyone know the passage that goes something like:

    As time passes everything you’ve ever loved is destined to be raped and repackaged by soulless marketing people who sell it to clueless teens destroying it’s meaning forever.


    Because that would be really fitting here.

  2. knijon says:

    meh, they don’t look very appealing as far as things i’d want to put on my feet and wear. i’ve always liked Vans’ approach to band themed shoes. all the ones i’ve seen are designed by members of the band and thus reflect what they think is a cool shoe design rather than plastering song lyrics on the side.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This post made me go out and buy a pair of the Blondie hi-tops. Now I am £40 poorer. Thanks.

  4. ultranaut says:

    Add to the list of reasons Kurt Cobain killed himself.
    Does no one else find a Cobain branded shoe to be horribly crass?

  5. lookinland says:

    Joe Strummer is doomed to spend all of eternity rolling around in his grave.

  6. John Greg says:

    David Pescovitz said:

    “… Nike selling sneakers co-branded with the name/art of an iconic punk band is… problematic.”

    Lol! That’s a wee bit of an understatement.

  7. Osprey101 says:

    I saw those. I was a bit disappointed in the Cobain model; they have a big hole in them.

  8. stupidjerk says:

    The metallica ones mold to and memorize the contours of your feet, though, if anyone else wears them, they explode.

  9. The Bark Petition says:

    Maybe they’re going to kick down any Clash model profits to

  10. huck says:

    does anyone remember when chuck taylors were made in USA? that was an important part of the ‘punk-ness’ of the shoes. and they were better made. what we have now is a cartoon.

  11. lewis stoole says:

    “who killed bambi” suddenly makes sense

  12. Mark Frauenfelder says:

    I feel kind of silly for really wanting the Clash sneakers, but I want them.

  13. Day Vexx says:

    The “Ride the Lightning” ones are pretty dang ugly, if you ask me.

  14. Lobster says:

    Really? Metallica? Never associated chucks with Metallica. Then again, Metallica probably came to them begging for some scraps.

  15. BrookMaChatte says:

    I hated seeing Cobain’s body laying there. If Boing Boing is moderated then please can we moderate this link right out of the article. It’s shameless sensationalist media. Have some respect.

  16. Jeremy Hill says:

    Personally, I’m loving my AC/DC Highway to Hell high tops.

  17. Johnny Cat says:

    Yes, I too was scarred when my mouse cursor went uncontrollably to the link “death” and clicked on it, only to see a police photo showing a partial shot of a dead Kurt. As I uncontrollably clicked “death,” I was at least hoping for skateboarding dogs or something. Have some respect.

    Cool kicks, though.

  18. nutate says:

    minor threat

    record cover



    Do I have a better memory that Mr. Pescovitz? Nah…

    • mindysan33 says:

      See, I think that was far more problematic than this, given MacKaye’s much more hardline stance against commercialism in music and the fact he pushed back on this issue.

      Also, Ultranaut, I really don’t much get the whole “this is why Cobain killed himself” logic. Maybe this is so or at least part of why, but when he signed the dotted line with Geffen it’s not like he wasn’t fully aware of the consequences of signing with a major label. By the early 90s there was a fully functioning alternative system for him to turn to (and in fact, Bleach was on Sub-pop – they signed with Geffen after that, but before sub-pop became part of Warner Bros.), and abuses had been well documented by the punk community for years by then and I doubt he was not unaware of that. Not that this sort of thing wasn’t part of his decision making, but alternatives to the major labels existed so why didn’t he partake of them. What did he think he’d accomplish that others didn’t? Single handedly changing the system? It’s terribly sad, and tragic, but he made the decision to be a part of the mainstream entertainment industry. I doubt that this sort of thing was his only reason for taking his own life.

  19. thekinginyellow says:

    smells like corporate greed spirit

  20. Tony Moore says:

    all the rad Pushead artwork they had at their disposal, and that weak white thing is the best Metallica came up with?

  21. Jesq says:

    David, they already did the Cobain single stars, years ago. It was the same controversy back then.

  22. grimshaw says:

    Vans did a bunch of music related shoes: Iron Maiden, Kiss, Ramones, Germs, and Bad Brains. Even though I knew I’d feel like a tool wearing them I couldn’t resist getting a pair of the Germs and Bad Brains old school vans when I saw marked down 60%.

  23. muteboy says:

    You’ll be telling me punk’s dead next

  24. mindysan33 says:

    “I am aware that Nike selling sneakers co-branded with the name/art of an iconic punk band is… problematic. That said, somebody from The Clash’s camp (and Cobain’s) had to approve these.”

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t all of these bands signed to major labels (is/was Sire a major at the time Blondie was signed to them? They certainly didn’t like punk as a descriptor for their “new wave” bands)? I think punk as an independent music phenomenon begins in the very late 70s/early 1980s, when punks began to create their own labels/systems of distribution/controlling the means of production in reaction to their experiences within the major label system. This would be far more problematic if these were say Dead Kennedys or Crass cons – bands who had a far more radical stance about interacting with corporations, no?

  25. imorgan73 says:

    Ha! You think it’s funny, turning rebellion into money?

  26. Anonymous says:

    problematic is right..

    “I’m all lost in the supermarket
    I can no longer shop happily
    I came in here for your special offer
    guaranteed personality”

  27. PauloButt says:

    Wow. The Kurt Cobain ones say ‘punk rock means freedom’. I can’t think of anything more punk rock than buying shoes with the words ‘punk rock’ printed on them.
    Also, doesn’t Courtney Love own the rights to everything Cobain-related? She signed off on his personal journals, she probably didn’t have to even think about approving a shoe.

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