Luxury watch made from dinosaur crap

Yvan Arpa's coprolite watch is a US$11,290 timepiece with a face made from fossil dinosaur turds and a band made from black cane-toad skin (normally poisonous, rendered inert through processing).

The thing is, coprolites just aren't that valuable. Dinosaurs left behind a lot of crap. This site sells coprolite at $8 per pound (it makes a wicked gift!).

Swiss luxury watch made of fossilized dinosaur feces, toad skin costs $11,290 (Photo) (Thanks, Jonathan!)


  1. Working for a water and sewer company, one must maintain a sense of humor. Thus, it should come as no surprise that I have a few turds in my office. One of them is a very real looking plastic intestinal sculpture I reserve for the truly fresh, stupid consultant reports. And another is a coprolite, which I use for the unoriginal stupid reports.

    Most people have no idea what it is, until I point out that it’s a fossilized dinosaur turd. You can clearly see the intestinal ripples in the cross section…

  2. If you dig out a something that looks like a lump of stone out of the ground, how do you know that it is coprolite, and not just a lump of stone?

  3. Now… if that toad-skin watch band were psychoactive (in a psychedelic way) when licked, then this watch would then be a truly weird artifact, instead of just the the strange thing it is now.

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